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Lithium Battery Cell & Pack Manufacturer
Keheng is committed to offer you the high quality
but not expensive lithium battery with 15 years' experience of Completer Battery Product Line.
TOP Self Design Lithium Battery Manufacturer
Our self R&D lithium batteries built to last, even you use it everyday.Our Slogan is “Tailor for you with unchanging quality”.
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Help you customize the lithium batteries of your own brand, in case maximum protection of your local market and benefit. No minimum order quantity requirement.

Full Manufacturing capabilities
Full Manufacturing capabilities

Keheng offers full lithium battery customization services,turn your battery ideas from concept into reality with our professional R&D team.

7/24 Online service
7/24 Online service

Offer you the strong technical support whether the commmon FAQ guide or Online sales engineer service, all of your questions will be reply within 6 hours.

Your Trusted Lithium battery Cell & pack Factory in China

Keheng – Your Trusted Lithium battery Cell & pack Factory in China

Keheng is a professional lithium battery cell & pack manufacturer which uses different battery technologies ( NMC, LTO, LFP, Sodium Ion). Our engineers team can provide the most cost-effective battery solution with 15 years’ project experience in different battery material technology.

We’re equipped with state-of-the-art production machine and dedicated R&D team and fully functional labs. Keheng can provide you with product design drawings within 1 week and samples within 3 weeks.

Keheng owns battery cell factory and battery pack factory, dedicate to offer one-stop solutions for your lithium battery needs. If you are battery pack factory, project installer, we can integrate the full set of production line and components for you. If you’re a distributor, brand owner, or solution design company, we can provide you with unique designs or help turn your ideas into reality.

With a global client base, Keheng is your partner for OEM/ODM services, offering custom-tailored Lithium Ion battery solutions to ensure performance and reliability.

Custom any battery packs for various projects

Keheng is a leading custom lithium battery manufacturer, which specialize in offering customers a variety of customized battery solutions (OEM) , and we can provide battery pack components in all chemistry. Our premier engineers team can help take any project from concept to realization. Since 2008, Keheng Battery team has focused on

  • aerospace
  • medical devices
  • military equipment
  • telecommunications
  • industrial applications
  • emergency lighting systems

We are dedicated to design and manufacture the perfect power battery solution for our customers’ needs.

Our Complete Lithium Battery Product Give Your Various Options

Battery Cells

Keheng owns the battery cell factory, we can provide different materials of battery cell, Lifepo4(3.2v), NMC(3.6v-3.7v), LTO(2.3v), Sodium ion(3v), capacity from 1.2ah to 320ah, different shapes, cylindrical lithium battery and prismatic lithium battery.

Keheng’s 18650 battery packs is using 18650 cylindrical cells connected in series and parallel to get different sizes, voltages, capacity of the battery, size flexibility, high energy density, and high rates of discharge.

Electric power battery pack

This kind of battery have the 24v 36v 48v 60v 72v voltage for choices, usually with the metal cases and can be rack mounted in the OEM devices.

Energy storage battery (ESS)

Energy storage battery means stored the clean energy in the battery and discharge them when need, widely used in residential ESS, C&I ESS.

Drop-in replacement lithium battery

drop-in replacement lithium battery series, have the same group size as he lead-acid battery but better performance whether for the size and weight or cycle life.

HV industrial battery pack

HV industrial battery pack usually start form the 96v,with the integrated design, it widely ise on ev, etruck,electric boat,etc. and use stainless steel case with IP67 waterproof.

Proficiency in different material battery technologies

Keheng can customize your battery solution based on 3000+ project experience, just send us your requirement to get our best solution!

NMC Battery
NMC Battery

NMC batteries are known for their high energy density and high thermal stability; however, they typically have a shorter cycle life and lower safety margins.

LFP Battery
LFP Battery

LFP batteries have higher safety and longer cycle life, and because they do not contain nickel and cobalt, the cost will be lower than lithium ternary batteries, but they are not resistant to low temperatures and their energy density is lower than NMC.

LTO Battery
LTO Battery

Lithium Titanate batteries have military grade quality, safety and lifetime (10-30x LFP or NMC) but have very low energy density and are quite expensive (at least 50-150% more expensive than NMC).

Submit a Quick Quote
Quick Quote

Our Services Always Go The Extra Mile

Keheng as a trusted lithium battery supplier is designed to provide reliable, efficient power for a variety of applications. Our lithium-ion batteries are perfect for powering your business.

ISO9001 and patents

ISO Standard to ensure all battery packs have high Performance and consisitency,Over 50 utility Model Patents & appearance Design Patents.

Variety and flexibility
Variety and flexibility

We offer customizable solutions for any application. Our reactive and adaptable design and manufacturing processes can support modifications till to suit your needs.

Quality is Our Pride
Quality is Our Pride

Quality is our first priority, and we take pride in our strict 100% QC process when the raw materials and the accessories. That’s Why Keheng Products Stand the Test of Time.

  • KH Process For Custom Battery Project

    We have been focusing on producing self-developed and reasonably priced lithium batteries for our customers, let’s get to know the process of customization.

    • Communication Battery Specifications
    • Drawing Design And Confirmation
    • Prototype/ Bulk Manufacturing
    • Shipping to Our Customers’ hand
  • Quality Management of lithium batteries

    At Keheng, quality is of the utmost importance to us,we strive to ensure 100% satisfaction with their lithium battery products.

    • Incoming Material Control: battery cell capacity and voltage testing; and BMS testing; Visual checks
    • Outcoming Material Control:battery pack capacity and voltage testing; Outlook checking
    • Manufacturing: visual checks; battery balancing; laser welding
    • Shipping: lable marking; UN packing; shipping number
    • Finished Product Testing: aging test; vabration test

Our 3000+ Happy Clients From Wordwide

  • I ordered Keheng’s batteries for my outdoor ski resort project. Despite the harsh environment, the batteries performed very well, I was amazed by the battery durability and quality in cold weather.
    from Unite States
  • As a procurement manager, I always look for the best deals. Keheng’s competitive pricing and high quality product , they always go the extra mile to learn what is the right power solution for my projects. I appreciate that!
    Dan Akselrod
    Dan Akselrod
    from England
  • For a large project, I definitely need a reliable supplier behind me. Keheng provided a steady supply of battery packs, ensuring my project’s delivery in time. Joyce was very pleasant to communicate to and highly efficient in solving my problem.This made coordinating orders effortless and reliable.
    from Czech
  • I like to work with Keheng’s team. I remember that I needed lithium battery cells for a big project very urgently. Jackson try to arrange the delivery ahead of schedule for us, helping me meet our client’s deadline. Their quick action saved us!
    from Turkey

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