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10 Best 18650 Battery Manufacturers In China You Must Know


Importing 18650 lithium cells from China is something that every lithium battery pack assembler may consider.

18650 lithium battery cell

However, it is important to ask yourself some key questions before making your first purchase:

What are the main regions where China’s 18650 cell factories are clustered?

What are the best 18650 factories in China?

As a product manager of lithium batteries, with 15 years of experience in the lithium battery industry, we often deal with some domestic and foreign battery pack factories, I very much the needs of lithium battery pack factories. I believe this list can save time, money, and potential risks in the equipment selection process.

We will reveal everything you need to know in this article: 10 best 18650 battery manufacturers in China you must know.

Here you will find everything you need to know. We give you complete confidence in choosing the most suitable and authentic 18650 battery manufacturers in China.

Let’s get started.

Understanding our data

We have used a range of different reliable and authoritative sources to ensure that only the most accurate and relevant information is provided to put together this guide. Our sources include

China Customs

China State Administration for Industry and Commerce

Official websites of 18650 Battery companies covered

Interviews with 18650 battery and lithium battery experts

Interviews with customers in different countries

Interviews with sales staff of different lithium battery companies.

Where are the main production areas for 18650 batteries?

Where do you start when looking for 18650 batteries in China? Which regions are known for producing quality 18650 cells and lithium batteries? It is important to know in which regions you can find the best 18650 batteries and specialized manufacturers.

The three provinces shown below are where most of the 18650 battery manufacturers in China are located. They are:

18650 battery manufacturers

As you can see, each province has its specialties and quality.

10 best 18650 battery manufacturers in China you must know!


Location: China Huizhou
Established: 2001
Introduction: The company was listed on the Shenzhen GEM board in October 2009, and is one of the first 28 GEM board companies.
EVE always insists on independent development and technological innovation, set lithium primary battery/lithium-ion battery/power system/electronic cigarette and other core business, product coverage of smart grid/intelligent transportation/intelligent security/energy storage/new energy automobile and other industries of the intelligent interconnected energy solutions provider Main product models: ICR 18650, INR 18650, INR 21700, IFR 32130.

Applications: EVE’s 18650 round batteries are widely used in power tools, garden tools, electric two-wheelers, vacuum cleaners, floor sweepers, outdoor energy storage and other applications.


Headquarters: Shenzhen, China
Established: 2005
Introduction: BAK’s core business is consumer digital batteries, power batteries, and battery recycling.

The company’s products and services include cylindrical, square, and polymer cells, as well as battery packaging, battery solutions, etc., which are mainly used in new energy vehicles, consumer products backup energy storage, and other fields.

In the field of power batteries, the company’s application range covers a full range of models, serving more than ten first-tier automobile manufacturers around the world, and insisting on creating power with wisdom to create a reliable “core” for new energy vehicles!

The company mainly provides N18650CH, N18650CL-29, N18650CP, N18650CP(Low Temperature), N18650CP-34E, N18650CR-35E, N18650CR-35E(Low Temperature), 21700, N21700CG-50, N21700CG-50E, N21700CD-53E and other batteries.

Tianjin Lishen

Headquarters: Tianjin, China
Established: 1997
Introduction: Tianjin Lishen is a Chinese lithium-ion battery developer and manufacturer, which is the earliest and most widely used lithium-ion battery for consumer electronics products.

Lishen supplied lithium batteries for the first Motorola, Samsung, and Apple.

Its power battery products cover lithium iron phosphate square and cylindrical, ternary square and cylindrical, etc., with an annual production capacity of 31GWh of lithium-ion batteries.

The company’s 18650 batteries cover LR 186500 3.5ah, LR 18650 3.8ah, LR 21700 5ah, LR21700 6ah cells provide high-quality, high-energy-density cells for electric four-wheeled vehicles, electric two-wheeled vehicles, power tools, garden tools, vacuum cleaners, sweeping robots, fast-charging rechargeable batteries, and portable energy storage.



Headquarters: Shenzhen, China
Established: 2003
Introduction: CHAM has been specializing in the technology development, production, and sales of cylindrical lithium-ion batteries, battery packs, and convenient power devices since its establishment.
CHAM is one of the earliest companies to engage in the development and production of professional 18650 lithium batteries, and the leader of high-capacity cylindrical lithium battery products in China.
Whether in the capacity type battery or the technical strength of the power type battery are in the industry-leading, international advanced level.
Products: 18650 2600mah, 18650 2900mah, 18650 3500mah, high power 18650 2500mah, high power 18650 3000mah, 18650 3350mah, 21700 6000mah, 32140 15ah, 46800 25ah.



Headquarters: Yunnan
Established: 2011
Introduction: Roofer Energy Technology (Baoshan) Co., Ltd, specializes in cylindrical 18650 energy storage 3C cells, battery pack Pack processing, manufacturing, and wholesale business.
The battery cells are used in various instruments, medical devices, consumer electronics, smart water meters, testing instruments, POS machines, laptops, and other products.
Main Products: 2000mAh,2200mAh 3C,2500mAh,2600mAh
Note: The performance of the battery cell for consumer electronics is good, but for electric vehicles and other power performance is average.


Headquarters: Shenzhen, China
Established: 2008
Introduction: Keheng specializes in manufacturing high-quality lithium-ion batteries and battery packs. We can provide multiple battery energy solutions for different projects with one battery factory and one battery pack cell facility. Keheng has MSDS, UN38.3, IEC, UL, CB, and ISO9001:2015 certifications.
Products: Battery Cell 、NMC Battery Cell、Cylindrical Battery Cell、18650 Battery Cell、26650 Battery Cell、21700 Battery、LFP Battery Cell、32650 Battery Cell、Prismatic Cell
Application Scenarios: Electric Bike Battery、Lithium MotorcycleBattery、Lithium Golf Cart Battery、Powerwall Battery、Server Rack Lifepo4Battery、 Low-Temperature Battery、High Rate Battery、Bluetooth Lithium Battery、UPS Lithium Battery、Electric wheelchair Lithium Battery、Hearing Aid Battery



Headquarters: Jinhua, China
Established: 2016
Introduction: Hengdian dmegc Corporation is a leading company in China’s magnetic industry and one of the world’s largest permanent magnet ferrite producers and soft magnetic material manufacturers.
The company’s 18650 product series in the field of small power has strong market competitiveness, good quality, and can adapt to market price changes.
Products: 18650-20P, 18650-25P, 18650-30P, 18650-26E, 18650-29E, 18650-35E, 18650-32E, 21700-40P, 21700-45E, 21700-50E



Headquarters: Shenzhen, China
Established: 2011
Introduction: Shenzhen Zhuoneng New Energy Limited by Share Ltd is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development, manufacture, and sales of lithium-ion batteries and electric vehicle power systems.
The company has passed ISO9001:2008 and ISO/TS16949:2009 quality management system, ISO14001:2004 environmental management system certification, and established the Zhuoneng OHSAS18001:2007 occupational health and safety management.
Products: 18650-MP2600mAh, 18650-MP2200mAh, 18650-MP2000mAh, INR18650P-2400mAh, INR18650P-2800mAh, 20650-S3350mAh, 18650-S3350mAh
Application areas: electric bicycle battery packs, electric motorcycle batteries, electric scooter battery packs, balance bike battery packs, twisting bike battery packs, electric tools, energy storage battery packs, low-speed vehicles, intelligent robots



Headquarters: Zhejiang, China
Established: 1986
Introduction: CNTN Battery Group Co., Ltd, referred to as Tannen, is a company that focuses on the electric light-duty vehicle power battery business.
It is a leading enterprise in the domestic battery industry, integrating the R&D, production, and sales of electric special vehicle power batteries, new energy vehicle power batteries, automotive start/stop batteries, energy storage batteries, 3C batteries, standby batteries, fuel cells and other types of batteries.
Product Application Fields:
Power Battery: Lithium-ion Power Battery、Traction Battery
Energy storage standby: Industrial Backup Batteries、Power Storage Batteries 、Mobile Storage Battery
Starter Batteries: Smart Energy、Grid-connected、Off-grid、Grid-connected、Smart Microgrid、Composite Energy Storage
Fuel Cells: Power Stacks、Fuel Cell System、Electrolyzed Water Series、Terminal Products



Headquarters: Xinxiang, China
Established: 2015
Introduction: Xinxiang Hongli Supply Source Technology Co., Ltd is a one-stop service provider for lithium batteries.
It integrates R&D, production, and sales of lithium-ion batteries and their materials to provide the market with lithium-ion products with long cycle life, good safety, good stability, small size, lightweight, can be discharged with high current, no pollution, no memory effect, and a wide range of applications.
We are committed to contributing to the green and low-carbon life of human beings!
Products: IMR18650-1500mAh, IMR14500, IMR18650-1200mAh for electric toys, aeromodels, power tools and so on.

Comparison between suppliers

Price Comparison: this product comparison chart compares the size growth rate, quality, and price of the top 10 companies. Price Comparison

Market Comparison:

Market Comparison


We have mainly introduced the 10 best 18650 battery manufacturers in China, this article can only help you to make the right choice in selecting 18650 battery cells. The article has explored about 10 best 18650 battery manufacturers in China, if you have more questions please feel free to contact us, and we will help you for 18650 battery suppliers to make the right choice.



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