Electric Tricycle Battery Manufacturer

Keheng’s China professional electric tricycle battery manufacturer and supplier. We provide the best customized batteries.

Electric tricycle battery manufacturer

Keheng a electric tricycle battery manufacturer for cargo tricycles, kids tricycle toys and passenger tricycles, provides high quality lithium battery packs made of NMC as raw material, which are ideal for electric tricycles because of their high capacity, high energy density and good hotel.

Keheng: Your leading tricycle batteries manufacturer

Keheng is a local lithium battery manufacturing company in China. Our capability is to provide one-stop solution whether you are a novice or a big customer. Keheng is a trusted supplier, so you can trust us. Since our establishment in 2008, we have obtained international qualifications and certifications. Our highly trained and skilled teams from different service departments will guide and secure every process. Send your drawings to our staff and let's start the cooperation process:
Demand collection
According to your demand, our technical team will recommend the required voltage, capacity, size and battery box for you.
Customized design
Designer will come up with the design through the requirements.
Testing and Quality Assurance
Tests and quality assurance checks are conducted to ensure that the battery meets certification.
Sample production
Final design is sent to the customer for approval, then samples are produced for confirmation.
Bulk order production
Approved, the battery will be mass-produced using Keheng's advanced manufacturing facilities.
Delivery and after-sales support
Finished products are delivered according to the agreed schedule. And Keheng provides continuous support, including warranty service, maintenance guidance and any necessary technical assistance.

Get a tricycle battery customized to make your experience a different kind of transportation

Keheng's lithium battery are made of NMC/LFP/LTO materials with excellent performance and all lithium batteries are internationally certified.

Electric Tricycle Battery

Keheng's tricycle batteries are ideally suited for cargo tricycles, passenger tricycles with high energy density and deep cycling. Order the tricycle batteries you need and we provide you with excellent service!
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