Best 26650 Battery Cell
Best 26650 Battery Cell

What Is 26650 Battery?

The 26650 battery is a cylindrical model of lithium battery. Usually used in electric tools, lighting, wind energy storage, electric vehicles, industrial instruments, medical instruments, and so on. This battery has the advantages of high capacity, high voltage, good cycling performance, safe use, wide operating temperature range, etc. 26650 type battery refers to a diameter of 26 (± 0.05) mm, height of 65 (± 0.05) mm, 0 is expressed as a round battery, the common battery materials for Lifepo4, NMC, LTO made of 26650 battery cell.

How can 26650 batteries change lives?

When the world loses 26650 battery Cells, then how much will it affect life? A high-performance 26650 battery cell can not only provide enough power for your daily life but also be the source of renewable energy storage, industrial power source, and the life source of convenient wearable devices, lithium batteries with excellent performance gradually replace lead-acid batteries to become the mainstream of the new era.

26650 batteries have become the preferred choice!

Keheng Changes The Way You Store Energy!

Keheng, as a manufacturer of lithium batteries, provides battery packs consisting of 26650 cells for all types of appliances, handy devices, and commercial and industrial energy storage, which are widely demanded all over the world. We realize high capacity, high safety, 0 maintenance, and long life NMC batteries for our customers, while keheng can customize the cell logo, material, battery case, etc. to make your needs become reality.

Keheng Changes The Way You Store Energy!
26650 Lithium ion battery quality control!
26650 Lithium ion battery quality control!
  • Produced by the professional team to ensure no manufacturing defects.
  • QC team for quality control, control product quality.
  • Product testing, so that the products are guaranteed to be in the best condition before leaving the factory.
  • After-sales guarantee the product has a 10-year warranty so that your use of peace of mind, peace of mind.
Product certification safety guarantee!

Keheng’s lithium batteries shipped from the factory have been certified by MSDS, UN38.3, CE, UL, KC, BIS, CB, ISO9001:2015, and other international certificates, which puts product quality and safety in the first place.

Product certification safety guarantee!
What is 26650 lithium battery?

26650 lithium battery is a type specification of cylindrical lithium battery. Used in power tools, lighting, wind energy storage, electric cars, toys, instruments and meters, UPS backup power supply, communication equipment, medical equipment, and military lights field. The definition of its model law is 26650 type, that is, the diameter of the battery is 26mm, the length of 65mm, cylinder type battery. Commonly used lithium batteries with nickel-cobalt-manganese cathode material – INR26650 voltage of 3.6V 4500mAh.

What are the advantages of 26650 lithium battery?
  1. 26650 lithium battery has an overcharged performance
    After the standard charging of the battery, measure the initial state of the battery, when the battery state is normal, charge it to 10.0V with 3C current, and then turn to constant voltage charging to terminate at 0.01C current.
  2. 26650 Li-ion battery has over-discharge performance.
    After standard charging of the battery, measure the initial state of the battery, when the battery state is normal, discharge it to 0 V with 0.5C.
  3. Hard to short-circuit externally
    After the battery standard charging, measure the initial state of the battery, placed in the explosion-proof cover directly short-circuit its positive and negative poles (the total resistance of the line is not greater than 50), when the battery temperature drops to about 10 ℃ lower than the peak temperature when the test is over.
What are the safety performance test methods for 26650 lithium batteries?
  • Thermal abuse: The temperature is increased to 130±2℃ at the rate of (5±2℃)/min and held for 30min.
  • Drop: Test the initial capacity of 26650 lithium batteries, after standard charging, measure the initial state of the battery, the test battery from the height (the lowest point of height) of the position of the vertical and horizontal direction of the 1m free fall to the concrete floor, required to fall 2 times.
  • Heavy impact: Place a heavy object in the middle of the fully charged battery, and then drop a hammer with a weight of 10 kg freely from a height of 1.0m to the upper part of the battery.
  • Extrusion Test: The cell is placed between the two extrusion surfaces of the extrusion equipment, the cylindrical cell shaft is parallel to the extrusion surface, gradually increasing the pressure to 13kN, and keeping the pressure for 1min.
What are the advantages and disadvantages of lithium ternary battery?


  • High energy density
  • Higher capacity


  • Poor safety
  • Shorter cycle life
What is the standard size and weight of a 26650 cell?

A standard 26650 cell weighs approximately 70 to 90 grams, but this weight may vary slightly depending on the specific manufacturer and cell chemistry.

What are the typical energy density and power density of a 26650 cell?

Energy Density: Typical energy densities for 26650 cells typically range from 180 to 240 watt-hours per kilogram (Wh/kg). The power density of 26650 cells is typically higher, but exact values will vary depending on the chemical composition and design of the battery.

How long does it take to charge this type of cell?

26650 cells can be fully charged in an hour or less, but this also depends on the specifications of the charger and the condition of the battery.

How do 26650 cells perform in high and low temperatures?

Why do lithium iron phosphate batteries perform worse than lithium ternary batteries at low temperatures

What are the potential risks associated with 26650 cells?
  • Thermal runaway: If the battery overheats, it may trigger an increased chemical reaction, leading to thermal runaway, which is one of the most serious safety risks of lithium-ion batteries.
  • Overcharging and over-discharging: Overcharging or over-discharging may damage the battery, leading to performance degradation or safety issues.
  • Physical Damage: Physical damage to the battery, such as ruptures or perforations, can lead to internal short circuits, causing fires or explosions.
  • Design defects: Poor manufacturing or design defects may lead to internal short circuits or other malfunctions.
What is the maximum charging and discharging current of this type of battery?

The charging voltage of NMC is 2.5V – 4.2V, and the discharge current is 4.2V – 2.5V.

How to handle and recycle discarded 26650 cells?
  • Do not discard: Lithium-ion batteries should not be disposed of with regular garbage as they contain hazardous substances and are a potential safety risk.
  • Use a dedicated recycling point: Take discarded batteries to a dedicated recycling point or hazardous waste treatment facility.
  • Follow local regulations: Disposal and recycling regulations may vary from region to region and local regulations should be followed.
  • Store safely: Before recycling, batteries should be stored safely in a dry, cool place to avoid short circuits.
What specific industries and applications are these batteries suitable for?
  • Portable electronic devices: such as flashlights, portable stereos, etc.
  • Electric tools: such as electric drills, electric saws, etc.
  • Electric transportation: such as electric bicycles, small electric cars, etc.
  • Energy storage systems: for solar or wind energy storage systems.
  • Backup power supply: such as UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) system.
Does 26650 battery cell support series and parallel connection?

26650 cells support series and parallel connection to achieve the required voltage and capacity. When used in series, the total voltage of the cells is the sum of the individual cell voltages, while the total capacity remains constant. When used in parallel, the total capacity is the sum of the individual cell capacities while the voltage remains constant.

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