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Tailor for you with unchaing quality.

As a leading lithium battery manufacturer vendor in China, Keheng specialize in manufacturing top-quality lithium ion batteries and battery packs. We can offer variety battery energy solutions for different projects with the facility of one battery cell factory and one battery pack battery.

  • Certified Quality, Diverse Applications. We all know that the lithium battery belong to UN3480 dangerous goods, there’re many certification requirements to the transportation and wholesale in the market. No worry, Keheng is qualified with certifications like MSDS, UN38.3, IEC, UL, CB and ISO9001:2015. Whether it’s for electric vehicles battery, industrial battery, or energy storage batetry etc, our products are designed to meet your diverse needs.
  • Innovative R&D for Your Unique Needs. As a lithium batetry manufacture with over than 15 years, Keheng understands that innovation make the difference. We specialize in transforming concepts into reality with our engineers team over 50 people. Launching new products every month set you apart from your competitors in the local market, enrich your product line, and bring fresh perspectives to your brand.
  • Advanced Lithium Technology and Design. Keheng battery adopt NCM/LFP battery cell technology, and combine with the co-operated bms with top bms labratory,to ensure that every product is a benchmark of innovation and reliability.
  • Top Manufacturing Facility. Our lithium battery factory is equipped with more than 20 the advanced machinery. Which enables us to offer you the high-quality products consistently.

Keheng aims to long-term business, we stay 100% behind our product and customers, offering comprehensive overseas warehousing and after-sales services, backed by a decade-long assurance of quality and service.


  • Keheng customized battery solution

Customized Solutions, Exceptional Results

We offer OEM/ODM lithium battery design and customization to the lithium battery distributors, wholesalers, and lithium battery brands. With skillful engineers team and mature supply chain apartment calculates the optimal energy power solutions, ensuring quality while saving you up to 30% in costs.

Diverse Product Range for a Sustainable Future.

Since 2008, from the earliest cell phone batteries, ternary digital batteries, 18650 power cell, and now lithium iron phosphate battery packs, we have accumlate lots of battery project experience whether it’s NMC or LFP or LTO. No matter what your project is, our engineers can provide you solutions with a maximize the effect support by our 3,000 + project experience.

  • variety lithium battery prodcut line
  • KeHeng-No lithium battery MOQ


Yes, for us, no MOQ policy. Keheng Battery always put ourself in customers’ shoes, totally understand that every project starts from trial sample order, so even in the initial stage of the project, we try our best to help our customer turn their idea into reality.

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