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Advanced solar streetlight batteries brighten the future

Keheng is one of the Solar Street Light Lithium Battery Manufacturers. Our batteries for solar street lights redefine new ways of lighting streets, neighborhoods, and public places. Batteries revolutionized the solar street light industry providing cost-effective battery storage solutions. With Lifepo4 batteries there is no need to replace them for long periods and they can be used in a variety of extreme environments.
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Advantages of lithium battery as solar street light

Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries can operate in a wide range of temperatures with uncompromised reliability, making them ideal for use in different regions.

Lead-acid batteries have a low cycle life, whereas lithium batteries have a cycle life of over 5,000 cycles, making them ideal for street lighting.

Lithium battery packs are designed to be compatible with all types of solar street lights on the market.

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Keheng Solar Street Light Battery

Keheng has been in the business of lithium battery manufacturing and sales since 2008, we provide sustainable lithium batteries for solar street lights, we can customize the battery packs with different voltages, currents, sizes, and shapes according to customer’s requirements, meanwhile, our lithium batteries contain different raw materials such as (Lifepo4, NMC, LTO) and so on, which enhances the optionality to a greater extent. Our engineers can provide a professional and safe energy storage plan!
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Customized battery packs for solar street lights!

  1. Consultation and demand communication: By contacting our technical experts, we share your specific needs for battery type, capacity, voltage, size, and weight.
  2. Drafting a design: Keheng’s designers will select the right battery cells that meet your criteria. Customized features such as BMS, heating elements, and Bluetooth connectivity are then added, and series or parallel connections are configured to your specifications.
  3. Testing and Quality Assurance: We rigorously test our samples to ensure they meet the highest performance and quality standards. Produce products you can trust.
  4. Bulk Order Production: Our QC team scrutinizes all products to ensure they meet strict quality standards and will complete your order in 30-35 business days.

Lithium Batteries In Various Industries!

Parking Lot Lighting

Our batteries provide a reliable and robust lighting solution for parking areas, enhancing visibility and safety for vehicles and pedestrians alike.

Park Lighting

They illuminate parks and recreational areas, creating a safe and welcoming environment for evening activities while preserving the natural ambiance.

Street Lighting

Perfect for urban and suburban streets, these batteries offer consistent and efficient lighting, improving road safety and community security.

Perimeter Security Lighting

Ideal for enhancing security around properties and facilities, our batteries ensure that security lighting is always on, deterring trespassers and enhancing safety.

Hospital Lighting

In healthcare settings, reliable lighting is crucial. Our batteries provide dependable illumination for hospital exteriors and parking areas, ensuring safety for patients, visitors, and staff.

Bridge Lighting

They offer durable and lasting lighting solutions for bridges, ensuring safe passage for vehicles and pedestrians in all weather conditions.

Airport Lighting

From runways to parking lots, our batteries ensure uninterrupted, high-quality lighting, crucial for the safety and efficiency of airport operations.

Industrial Lighting

For industrial areas, these batteries provide strong, consistent lighting, essential for the safety and productivity in these environments.

Frequently Asked Questions about Solar Street Lights


What kind of battery is usually used for solar street light?

The power supply battery of solar street light is crystalline silicon solar cell, and the storage of electricity is used for storage battery, generally there are four kinds of lead-acid batteries, colloidal batteries, ternary lithium batteries and lithium iron phosphate batteries, and each of the four kinds of storage batteries has its own advantages and disadvantages.

How to choose a suitable battery for solar street lights?
  1. lead-acid batteries: their main advantage is stable voltage, and inexpensive; their disadvantages are low energy density and relatively large volume. And does not tolerate low temperatures, normal temperature service life of about 300-500 times deep cycle, and low temperature service life shortened by half, frequent routine maintenance.
  2. colloidal batteries: in terms of safety, power, discharge performance, and service life ordinary batteries have improved, and some prices are even higher than the ternary lithium battery. Can be used in the temperature range of -40 ℃ -65 ℃, especially good low-temperature performance, suitable for high-cold areas. Good anti-vibration performance can be used safely in various harsh environments. The service life is about twice as long as that of ordinary lead-acid batteries.
  3. ternary lithium batteries: higher energy density, small size, fast charging, higher prices. Ternary lithium batteries have deep cycle times of about 5000 times, life than lead-acid batteries are about 5-10 times longer than the discharge temperature range of -15 ℃ -45 ℃.
  4. lithium iron phosphate batteries: small size, long service life, good stability, high-temperature performance, large capacity, high charge and discharge efficiency, lightweight, environmental protection, and pollution-free. Deep cycle charging times of about 3000 times, long service life, generally up to 15-20 years, strong stability, wide temperature range, can be used in -20 ℃ -70 ℃.

To sum up, solar street lamps of course use lithium iron phosphate battery is the best, the current market for solar street lamps using lithium iron phosphate battery as an energy storage battery has also increased, the future may take over lead-acid batteries, as main force of the solar street lamp battery.

How does solar street light work?
  1. Solar photovoltaic panels through the photovoltaic effect, in the daytime to accept the sun’s light radiation, and light energy is converted to DC power.
  2. DC power is through the charge and discharge controller, in the daytime first DC power is through the controller to the battery charging.
  3. In the evening, the battery power through the controller to drive the lamps and lanterns, so that it glows.
Which is better, traditional street light or solar street light?

The wide application of solar street lamps has promoted the development of lamps and lanterns manufacturing industry, and a large number of street lamp manufacturing enterprises were born and developed rapidly. With the enhancement of energy-saving consciousness of the whole society, green lighting products represented by LED street lamps are also rapidly popularized in the field of urban street lighting, which has become the key development area of each enterprise. As a strategic emerging industry and energy-saving and emission reduction pillar industry, the lighting industry is through the street lamp as a representative of energy-saving products to enter the lighting market comprehensively and continue to grab market share from traditional lighting. The performance of the products is also being further improved. The overall development prospects of the street light industry are generally optimistic.

How long can my solar street light run?

In the past, solar street lamps generally used lead-acid gel batteries, the service life of such batteries is in about 3 years, the general fast approaching the age of lead-acid batteries may be aging very seriously, the capacity of even the basic 10% can not reach, basically can not meet the demand for bright lights. Now most of the batteries are using lithium batteries, lithium batteries are more resistant to high and low temperature properties than lead-acid batteries, the number of cycles is more than the lead-acid batteries, the depth of discharge can reach more than 5,000 times, so the service life of lithium batteries can be more than 15 years.

Where can solar street light be used?

It can be widely used in urban main and secondary roads, neighborhoods, factories, tourist attractions, parking lots, and other places.

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