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Keheng is one of the China hoverboard battery manufacturers, our main products are NMC batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries (lifepo4), rechargeable 18650 batteries and so on, with rich experience in the lithium battery industry.

  • Manufacturer of hoverboard batteries since its establishment in 2008.
  • Customized lithium batteries made from lithium iron phosphate (Lipfpo4), Ternary lithium battery (NMC), LTO.
  • Design battery packs with or without casing, triangular, square, irregular shapes.
  • Customized special function BMS, heating, bluetooth, etc.
  • Contact keheng to provide you with different solutions!
Looking For Hoverboard Battery Manufacturers
Lithium Hoverboard Battery Cooperation Process

Lithium Hoverboard Battery Cooperation Process

  • Requirements collection: our team will analyze your requirements comprehensively
  • Design: according to your needs for letting engineers customize the first draft of the battery
  • Customer review: Provide comments for modification according to the first draft.
  • Sample production: We will produce samples within 7 days and send them out for confirmation.
  • Production: according to the quality of the sample mass production requires 25-35 delivery
25.2v 5.2ah lithium ion battery for hoverboard
Keheng offers 25.6V 5.2Ah Lithium battery kits for hoverboards for hobbyists and professionals.
36v 4.4ah Hoverboard Ternary lithium Battery
Keheng produces 36V 4.4Ah air cushion vehicle batteries, these Li-ion ternary batteries are commonly used in urban air cushion vehicles.
10S2P Hoverboard 18650 Lithium Battery
Tech Heng offers factory customized 10S2P 18650 hoverboard batteries to meet unique specifications or OEM/OEM customization requirements!

Professional Factory Support

Adoption of lithium ternary technology as battery cell has high safety and long life, etc.
Keheng has more than 2000 square meters of production plant, capable of handling large-scale order delivery
Customized Service
Customized Service
we support OEM/ODM service to meet customer's customized demand.
We provide international certificates including UN38.3, MSDS, CE, UL, IEC, etc.
10 years warranty, no product quality problems within 10 years keheng provide free replacement.
7*24 hours online service to solve the problems encountered by customers at any time.
Hoverboard lithium Battery
How long can the hoverboard battery be used?

Power battery cell cycling times, according to the requirements, whether it is LFP cell or NMC cell cycling times 3000 times after the remaining capacity is not less than 90%, or cycling 5000 times after the capacity is not less than 80%. Then the service life can reach 10-15 years. How long it can be used is determined by individual habits, environment, and other comprehensive factors.

Can I replace the battery of my hoverboard?

Yes, but at this time you need to ensure that the battery pack needs to ensure that the voltage is the same, the capacity you can decide according to the specific circumstances.

Why can't I charge my hoverboard battery?

Electric scooter can not be charged into the recommended repair store to repair, the battery is bad is not recommended to repair their own, first of all, the battery is flammable and explosive hazardous materials, and secondly, or toxic pollution of the environment of the chemicals, so it is still good to let the professionals to repair.

How to extend the battery life of the hoverboard?

Charging Tips
When the battery power is too low, there will be a reminder when the battery is dead. This is when you need to replenish the battery in time. Lithium battery cells are also made up of many components inside. If used for a long time there will be a safety risk of overcharging, which will overcharge the hoverboard battery and will cause damage to it. Use the appropriate charger.

Tips for use
Avoid completely draining the battery, when the battery is dead, please charge it immediately to avoid over-discharge.

Maintenance Tips
Here are three maintenance tips we need to follow.
1. Keep away from moisture.
2. And avoid direct sunlight.
3. Keep the battery has a certain amount of power.

Why do I choose lithium battery for my hoverboard?

Lithium batteries have the advantages of high energy density, small size, high capacity, high safety, maintenance-free, short charging time and long life.

Who manufactures hoverboard batteries?

Keheng as a Li-ion battery manufacturer not only produces Li-ion battery packs for hoverboards, but also motorcycle batteries, rickshaw batteries, e-bike batteries, golf cart batteries, if you need a customized solution, please contact Keheng for assistance!

How to test if your hoverboard battery needs to be replaced?

To charge your hoverboard, first connect the charger to a wall outlet. When the charger is properly connected, its indicator light should show green.
Next, connect the charger to the hoverboard, making sure that its 3 plugs fit snugly into the ports on the end of the board.
If the hoverboard’s battery is working properly, the charger’s indicator light will turn red, indicating that the battery is charging. This also means that if there is a problem with the board, the cause may lie elsewhere.
If the charger light remains green, this may mean that the battery is fully charged or that the hoverboard’s battery is faulty and needs to be replaced.
To check the status of your hoverboard’s battery, first disconnect the board from the charger.
After unplugging the charger, try to turn on the Hoverboard. a) If the Hoverboard turns on when fully charged and has a red blinking light in the center, the battery may be faulty and you may need to replace the Hoverboard battery with a new one. b) If the Hoverboard turns on at all, the battery may be faulty and you may need to replace the battery with a new one.
B) If the Hoverboard does not start at all, this may mean that you need a new battery or that there is a problem with the board’s motherboard.
C) If the Hoverboard starts and continues to run for several hours, the battery does not need to be replaced.

How often do I need to charge my battery if I am not using my Hoverboard?

Please make sure you charge your batteries once within 60-90 days to ensure a charge between 50-60% to store the battery pack.

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