Fish Finder Battery
Fish Finder Battery Manufacturer

Keheng as a fish finder battery manufacturer produces long-lasting lithium battery packs for different types of fish finders.

Keheng Increases Efficiency For Fishing

We are a fish finder battery manufacturer, our company produces Lithium Manganese Nickel, Lithium Iron Phosphate, and Lithium-titanate batteries, and they can provide a long-lasting and safe solution for your water activities.

Lithium Manganese Nickel
Keheng supports customized Lithium Manganese Nickel, as well as customized battery cases, sizes and more!
Lithium Iron Phosphate
Design different Lithium Manganese Nickel battery packs to make the battery more suitable for your fish finder.
Lithium-titanate batteries
In terms of battery function, keheng adds BMS, heating, series-parallel connection and other functions to the battery.
Experience Unrivaled Fishing

Experience Unrivaled Fishing

Design a battery that is compatible with fishfinders in a variety of ways that can provide your customers with a breathless experience, contact Keheng to design it right away.

Revolutionize Your Fishing Experience

Are you worried about battery life, safety, weight, maintenance, capacity, price, etc. keheng can provide solutions to any of your problems!

Lithium batteries are guaranteed to meet any runtime by customizing their capacity
Li-ion battery weighs 1/3 of lead-acid in the same capacity
Li-ion batteries are recognized as the safest batteries in the world, with no danger of overheating or explosion.
No need to add water and acid to the battery, realizing 0 maintenance battery.
Charging speed
Lithium batteries can be fully charged in about 4 hours, ensuring that you can travel fishing at any time.
Lithium batteries are guaranteed to run for more than 10 years without frequent replacement.

Keheng Protects Your Traps!

Keheng, as a fish finder battery manufacturer, equips the batteries with a built-in intelligent Battery Management System (BMS), while ensuring that the batteries are lightweight, fast-charging, and long-lasting. We can also customize various sizes and capacities according to different fish traps, choosing keheng as your fish trap battery supplier allows you to experience unparalleled convenience!

Get The Best Solution For Fsh Finder Battery Now!

Contact our sales engineers to find the best battery solution for you.

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