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keheng, as a GPS lithium battery supplier, offers the ideal solution for all GPS devices with lithium battery packs that can be ready at any location. We offer lithium-iron carbonate batteries, 18650 batteries, NMC batteries, and LTO batteries for GPS that are guaranteed to work properly in GPS trackers, GSM trackers, and GPS navigators!
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Different GPS use lithium batteries

Why choose keheng's as the battery supplier for GPS?

Keheng provides comprehensive solutions for GPS devices with our extensive range of low-power batteries. Leveraging the benefits of lithium-ion technology, such as high working voltage, compact size, lightweight, high energy capacity, no memory effect, eco-friendliness, low self-discharge, and long life cycle, these batteries are the ideal energy source in today’s world, especially as mobile device lifespans continue to shorten. Our customized GPS battery solutions are designed to advance alongside you toward a sustainable future.

Lithium batteries improve security
  1. Long Battery Life: Ensures long operation times and reduces the need for frequent battery changes.
  2. High Energy Density: A smaller size makes the GPS tracker smaller and lighter.
  3. Stabilized Voltage Output: Stabilized voltage is essential for reliable GPS tracker operation.
  4. Wide Operating Temperature Range: Performs well over a wide range of temperatures and is suitable for use in cold to hot environments.
  5. Environmentally Friendly: Lithium batteries are generally more environmentally friendly and less harmful to the environment.
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