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Lithium Motorcycle Battery Manufacturer In China

Keheng is an electric motorcycle lithium battery manufacturer, providing one-stop DIY solutions for Motorcycle Racing or Harley Touring Motorcycles!

  • Solutions For Lithium Motorcycle Battery Manufacturers
  • Solutions For Lithium Motorcycle Battery Manufacturers
  • Solutions For Lithium Motorcycle Battery Manufacturers
  • Solutions For Lithium Motorcycle Battery Manufacturers
  • Solutions For Lithium Motorcycle Battery Manufacturers
  • Solutions For Lithium Motorcycle Battery Manufacturers
  • Solutions For Lithium Motorcycle Battery Manufacturers
  • Solutions For Lithium Motorcycle Battery Manufacturers
  • Solutions For Lithium Motorcycle Battery Manufacturers
  • Solutions For Lithium Motorcycle Battery Manufacturers
  • Solutions For Lithium Motorcycle Battery Manufacturers
  • Solutions For Lithium Motorcycle Battery Manufacturers

Solutions For Lithium Motorcycle Battery Manufacturers

  • As a lithium motorcycle battery manufacturer, we provide you with the size, capacity, voltage, and internal structure design of the battery!
  • With Keheng you can provide OEM/ODM solutions for your customers!
  • We provide Lifepo4, LTO, and NMC different materials for Li-ion battery for your choice.
  • Our products have international certificates including UL FCC REACH UN38.3 and so on.
  • Contact us to start customizing lithium batteries for Kids’ motorcycles, Racing motorcycles, Harley Touring motorcycles, and Snowmobile motorcycles!

Customized Lithium Motorcycle Battery

keheng can provide you with the following types of motorcycle lithium batteries customized designs kids’ electric motorcycles, small motorcycles, trike motorcycles, Motocross, Racing Motorcycles, Harley Touring Motorcycles Snowmobile Motorcycle

12V NMC Motorcycle Starter Lithium Ion Battery

Keheng’s 12V 5Ah NMC starter lithium battery can provide 300, 460 CCA. and is also able to provide customized service for customers!

12V Lifepo4 Battery for Kids Motorcycle

Keheng 12V ternary children’s motorcycle lithium-ion battery is ideal for children’s motorcycles, and we also provide customized service for buyers!

48V 30Ah Ternary Lithium Motorcycle Battery

48V 30Ah Li-ion batteries offer customized solutions for racing motorcycle enthusiasts, including custom battery cells (Lifepo4, LTO, NMC).

72V Electric Motorcycle Lithium Battery

Keheng’s 72V high capacity battery supports capacity customization (18ah, 30ah, 50ah, 100ah).

ODM Motorcycle Lithium Ion Battery

Keheng provides OEM services for not only shapes and materials, but also case sizes, battery housings, and more.

Keheng OEM Motorcycle Lithium Battery

Lithium iron phosphate batteries (Lifepo4) equip electric motorcycles with durable, safe, and long-lasting batteries.

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Keheng's Advantage in Lithium Motorcycle Battery

We are a battery company established in 2008 to now, our lithium battery products involved in different fields such as motorcycles, bicycles, scooters, etc., if you have the need in this area please contact us, the professional team for you!

  • Use NMC Technology

    We use lithium-ion (NMC) batteries with high discharge multipliers and fast charging capabilities to provide high energy efficiency for motorcycles.

  • Product Certifications

    Batteries produced in our factory are internationally certified including UN38.3, MSDS, CE, UL, and IEC certificates to ensure product safety and reliability.

  • Factory Capacity

    We have more than 2,000 square meters of production plant, and we can customize capacity and voltage according to specific requirements.

  • R&D and QC team

    Our quality control team ensures the quality of our products, while our R&D team can innovate product technology at the forefront of the industry.

Keheng's Customization Service In Motorcycle Lithium Battery!

  • Appearance customization: Whether you need a square, prismatic, or cylindrical appearance can be realized in Keheng.
    Special function customization: Keheng provides customers with special functions such as Bluetooth, high rate, low temperature, and so on.
  • Material customization: LFP, NMC, LTO, and other materials for your choice.
  • Panel customization: Specific BMS can realize overcharge and over-discharge and ensure that the battery will not be short-circuited as well as explode.

Contact our team of professionals for the best quote!

Keheng's Customization Service In Motorcycle Lithium Battery!
Customization process for lithium motorcycle batteries

Customization process for lithium motorcycle batteries

1.Customer consultation and demand communication
Get in touch with our technician, and then put forward your demand to determine the battery type, capacity, voltage, size, weight and so on.

2.Produce design draft
Our designers will choose the cell that meets the requirements and then add BMS, heating, Bluetooth, series-parallel connection, and other functions according to the specific requirements, and then confirm.

3.Testing and quality assurance
We will ensure that the product can pass the performance test and quality test through samples.

4.Bulk order
After the sample passes the test, our workers will produce the order in 30-35 working days, and all the products will be inspected by our QC team.

lithium motorcycle battery multiple application scenarios

Motorcycle Racing Lithium Battery
Motorcycle Racing Lithium Battery

This road racing motorcycle battery is twice as powerful as strong acid batteries while being half the small size, medium size, and large size providing premium power and safety benefits for racing. Ideal for racing teams and manufacturers who require reliable, high-output batteries for intensive racing conditions.

ATV UTV Motocross Lithium Battery
ATV/ UTV/ Motocross Lithium Battery

Featuring a rugged casing and a high-efficiency cell that guarantees strong power for motocross bikes and ensures original performance on rough trails, this battery is often suitable for motocross manufacturers and professional racing teams.

Harley Touring Motorcycle battery
Harley Touring Motorcycle battery

keheng offers specialized batteries for Harley touring motorcycles with a focus on long life and low maintenance. These batteries need to meet the specific needs of Harley motorcycles and satisfy long-time working efficiency for travel agencies and Harley manufacturers.

Snowmobile Motorcycle battery
Snowmobile Motorcycle battery

Using lithium batteries in cold environments requires choosing a lithium battery designed to operate in cold and challenging environments, ensuring that it can output a stable and reliable current to enhance the durability and cycling of your snowmobile in extreme environments.

Types of Motorcycle Batteries

Starting Battery: Provides starting current for motorcycles and can deliver great energy density in a short period.

Power Battery: Mainly used in scenarios such as Harley motorcycles and snowmobiles, mainly to power the equipment, these batteries are also often called capacity-shaped batteries.

How many types of batteries are there in electric motorcycles?

Lithium iron phosphate, ternary large monomer, 18650, lead acid battery

Which one is more suitable for electric motorcycles, lead acid battery/Yadi graphene battery/lithium battery?
  • Lead-acid battery: Mature technology, cheap, lead-acid batteries are replaced once every 2 years, even can be replaced once a year, heavyweight.
  • Graphene Battery: Due to the good conductivity of graphene, it can be fully charged quickly, the performance is more stable in winter, the range is longer, and the service life is longer.
  • Lithium battery: Long service life, high energy density, long cycle life, wide temperature range, high security.

At this moment, you need to choose according to your own needs, the right battery pack can better help you in daily use!

Motorcycle battery discharge performance at low temperature

Soft-pack lithium-ion batteries do not show significant voltage drop even at -20℃ and can achieve a similar capacity to the ambient temperature (less than 10% capacity degradation).

Why do lithium iron phosphate batteries perform worse than lithium ternary batteries at low temperatures

Are e-bike batteries interchangeable with e-motorcycles?

E-bike battery installed in the car motorcycle also can not be used for a long time, the excessive current during startup will make the battery life of the electric car quickly shorten, and the general design flow of the electric car battery is 20 amps, such a current on the motorcycle, especially on the motorcycle of the EFI system, it is prone to EFI system failures. However, it can be used in emergencies and is not recommended for long-term use.

What is the difference in power between an electric motorcycle and a fuel motorcycle?

Electric motorcycles use lead-acid batteries, LFP batteries, and NMC batteries as the power source to provide power support for the motorcycle, and can provide strong power for the motorcycle upfront.
Fuel motorcycles mainly use lithium batteries to fire up the engine, which can provide a strong cold-start current in a short period.

Electric motorcycle charging and maintenance, as well as the use of precautions
  • Link the battery to a power source and charge the battery for 6-8 hours. At this moment, you should choose the right charger to avoid damage to the battery, etc.. For example, a 36V battery should use a 36V charger.
  • Lithium batteries are non-memory, so you can charge the battery at any time after use, but at the moment you need to pay attention to the battery charging can not be overcharged, to ensure that the battery has about 90% of the light can be, and the battery is not able to over-discharge. If the battery is lithium iron phosphate or NMC battery then in the case of -20 ℃ please avoid charging, so back to damage the battery.
  • Batteries should be placed away from water, and fire, kept dry, avoid strong shaking, bumping, and short circuits, and avoid direct sunlight.
What is the difference between the performance of power pack and starter battery under different discharge rate?

Power Battery Pack: At high discharge rates: At high discharge rates (rapid energy release), power packs are usually able to maintain high performance, but this can lead to increased battery temperatures and may shorten battery life.
At low discharge rates: At low discharge rates (slow energy release), power packs can operate more efficiently and typically provide a longer range.

Starter Batteries: At high discharge rates: Starter batteries are capable of delivering a large amount of current in a short period, which is necessary to start an internal combustion engine capable of delivering a starting current of 350-1000CCA in a short period. However, they are not suitable for prolonged operation at high discharge rates.

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