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Powering Your Boat with Advanced Lithium Battery Technology

Keheng is an expert in the design of high-performance lithium batteries for the marine industry, and Marine & Kayak Batteries already has distributors around the world. Lithium batteries are today’s ideal energy carriers due to their higher operating voltage, smaller size, lighter weight, higher energy, lower self-discharge, longer cycle life, no memory effect, and non-pollution, especially as sailing and sea fishing are becoming more and more popular in the lives of travelers.

Featured Products For Marine Lithium Battery

Trusted Marine LFP Battery Manufacturer

Keheng has more than 15 years of experience in lithium battery industry. Our products are certified to international standards such as MSDS, UN38.3, CE, UL, KC, BIS, CB and ISO9001:2015 for use. This makes our marine energy storage systems adaptable to all kinds of marine fields.

Electric Marine Lithium Battery Appliance

Lithium iron phosphate battery intelligent module assembly into a system

By partnering with a leading utility tug manufacturer, Keheng was able to provide the right combination of energy and power for its new hybrid vessel design, installed on board to power the vessel and propulsion. Both battery packs can be charged from a single charger but can operate independently of each other.

Main advantages of marine lithium batteries

The lithium battery utilizes proprietary phosphate technology to provide inherent safety while the battery management system enables configurable control and redundancy for easy integration.

Key Benefits:
Intrinsically safe
Modular and scalable flexibility
Easy integration (Li-ion battery proprietary BMS and MBS)
Multiple protocols/on-board diagnostic options

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