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Keheng provides Portable power stations for wholesalers all over the world, as a leader in the lithium battery industry, we also have a clear advantage in Portable power station manufacturing, for outdoor, car, and home manufacturing and production of solar mobile power made of Lifepo4 to meet the camping, blackout, traveling, sailing will not be off-grid.
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Our factory 220V 100w Portable Power Station is ideal for customers who need a compact yet powerful energy solution. We also provide customization.
The 240V 300w portable power plant incorporates high energy output for commercial operations that need to combine mobility with high-capacity energy solutions.
Designed to meet the high demands of trolling motors, the 500 Watt Portable Power Station provides continuous, reliable power for marine applications.
As a leading manufacturer in China, our 600w portable power station is designed for portability and powerful output in. Ideal for everything from outdoor activities to emergency backup power.
Designed for home and outdoor use, our 1000w portable power station offers a lightweight and portable high-capacity energy solution. Easily meets a variety of power needs.
Equipped with a high-capacity lithium battery, the 1500 Watt Portable Power Station is ideal for construction sites and remote operations to ensure tools and equipment stay up and running.
Our factory specializes in 2 kW portable solar power stations designed for indoor use, providing reliable power from the sun.
This 3000w Lifepo4 portable solar power plant is the result of our OEM expertise and provides businesses with a powerful source of sustainable energy.
Designed for businesses that need large amounts of power in a flexible format, our 5000w Lithium Iron Phosphate Portable Power Station offers the highest standards of performance.

Features of Keheng Portable Power Station (4)

A variety of portable power stations to meet your needs!

Keheng as OEM outdoor portable power station manufacturer for all kinds of scenes to achieve different specification customization services:

  • Provide different power customization, 200w, 600w, 600w, 1000w, 1800w, 2000w, 10000w, etc.
  • Voltage design: 12V, 24V, 80V, 220V, 240V according to your needs.
  • Shell customization according to the use of plastic, iron, stainless steel shell, etc.
  • LFP/ NMC/ LTO batteries for your choice.

One-Stop Portable Power Plant Product Solutions

keheng as a Portable power station manufacturer from 2008 to the present, we offer OEM/ODM customization options to achieve overall growth for your brand, and we provide one-stop, quality lithium battery solutions for our client companies. Our 50-member technical team will design and manufacture products to meet your requirements.

What is a portable power supply?

The portable power supply is made of lithium iron phosphate or lithium ternary as the core of the outdoor mobile power supply, border time power supply has a strong range, and compatibility, and solves outdoor travel power troubles. If the caravan is not able to provide enough power when traveling in the caravan, then the mobile power supply can help you to provide the power support needed by the device.

What devices does the portable power supply consist of?

Outdoor power supply is a set of inverter, energy storage power supply, welding power supply, heating power supply, electroplating power supply, high voltage power supply, and so on.

How to ensure the safety of portable power supply?

1、BMS realizes overload/overcurrent/over-discharge/overcharge protection.
2、High-strength plastic shell, anti-fall, anti-shock, fireproof, and rainproof.
3、Exclusive over-voltage, overload, short circuit protection design.
4, unique protective wall design.

Four advantages of portable energy storage power supply
  • Portability: Outdoor power supply because there are different capacity sizes, so the volume weight will be light and heavy. Some can be put into a backpack, some can be taken on an airplane, some can be put in a car, and some can be applied to different people and different use scenarios.
  • Environmental Protection: Outdoor power supply is usually composed of a lithium iron phosphate battery cell or lithium ternary battery cell, which will not produce pollution in the process of use, and the internal battery does not contain heavy metals and so on.
  • Price: The outdoor power supply phase of the work pressure, with the generator, is more price-effective.
  • Functionality: High-power portable UPS power supply, will support AC, USB, and DC output, multi-interface design can meet the application of more products at the same time, and support solar panel charging, car charging, and city charging three charging methods.
How to buy portable outdoor mobile power correctly?

Outdoor high-capacity mobile power with 220V/500W/1000W/1500W/2000W/3000W power output, but the big power means the need for greater capacity to support, large capacity means big quality!

  • First, look, is to see the appearance of the lithium battery storage power supply, workmanship, size, and process
  • Second, choose, choose the manufacturer, choose the brand. There are many brands of lithium battery storage power supply, but the quality is difficult to see from the appearance.
  • Third, look at the product parameters. Lithium battery storage power supply is the most important parameter for the internal battery cell, the best choice for lithium iron phosphate or lithium ternary battery cell.
What is the difference between portable UPS power and mobile power?

Portable UPS power supply is mainly used for power protection; input and output voltages are generally utility power.
Portable UPS energy storage power supply scope of application: flood control and rescue command, electric power repair, emergency command vehicles, mobile communication vehicles, outdoor construction, field exploration, natural disaster site rescue, emergency reserves, medical equipment, and other large-scale construction operations, accident repair, rescue and disaster relief and other sites for mobile lighting.

Mobile power is a charging treasure, to provide charging equipment for cell phones and other electronic devices.

What is the difference between home-based energy storage and outdoor power supply?

The outdoor power supply is generally built-in high energy density lithium-ion batteries, long cycle life, lightweight and easy to carry, and its overall performance is more stable and reliable, but also easy to operate, low noise, good maintenance, and so on, can better meet the emergency power supply and outdoor work with electricity needs. With multi-functional output interfaces, AC output, USB output, and car charger interface output to facilitate the use of users in different scenarios, more selective, and more convenient in terms of use.
Household energy storage system is based on the traditional grid-connected photovoltaic power generation system to increase the lithium battery storage power, by the battery, hybrid inverter photovoltaic panels with a combination of a new type of energy acquisition, storage, and use of hybrid systems.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of portable power?


  1. A high degree of integration: portable energy storage power supply “to decentralized charging devices, power storage devices, power supply devices highly integrated into one, user-friendly.
  2. Convenience: Portable energy storage power supply, small size, lightweight, from a few kilograms to dozens of kilograms, easy to load and unload, transportation, where the need to move, do not need to disassemble, wiring, installation, easy to use.
  3. The diversity of storage functions: portable energy storage power supply can store solar power, utility grid power, car power, generator power, and wind power.
  4. Power supply function diversity: the battery storage of electricity released, mainly to provide high-power AC power, supply our life appliances, such as refrigerators, and air conditioners; auxiliary DC power, supply electronic products, such as cell phones, and video cameras.


limited storage capacity, limited power, can not be unlimited use of 9, must be planned use, or supporting the use of power generation devices are expensive and can not be popularized.

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