25.6v 30ah lithium battery for Food Delivery Robot

  • Model: Food Delivery Robot Battery
  • Support: Wholesale, OEM.ODM
  • Warranty: 10 years
  • Delivery Time: 7-14 days for samples, 35-60days fpr mass production
  • Packaging Details: Carton
  • Shipping Terms: Air Freight, Sea Freight
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25.6v 30ah lithium battery for Food Delivery Robot

The 25.6v 30ah lithium battery for Food Delivery Robot delivers an efficient power source, and its lightweight and compact design makes it ideal for service yards such as hotels and restaurants. Upgrade your food delivery robot with a high-performance, reliable 25.6V 30AH lithium battery – perfect for all your power needs!

25.6V 30Ah Food Delivery Robot Battery Features:

  • Maintenance-free operation;
  • Long service life of 10~15 years;
  • Built-in BMS multiple safety protection;
  • High quality lithium iron phosphate battery, safe and reliable;
  • Longer charging time, longer service life, economic and environmental protection.
  • SAFETY AND DURABILITY: The internal BMS automatically stops charging at -20°C, ensuring that the battery will not be damaged by fluctuations, overcharging, overdischarging, overcurrent, overloading, or overheating.
  • Over 5,000 cycles: Lithium-ion batteries can achieve over 5,000 cycles and last up to 4 times longer than lead-acid or AGM batteries.
Electric Characteristics
Battery Type LiFePo4 Nominal Capacity 30Ah
Nominal Voltage 24V Actual Voltage 25.6V
Energy 768Wh Cycle Life 5,000+
Charging and Discharging Parameters
Full charge volt 29.2V Discharge cut-off volt 20V
Max charge current 15A Max continuous discharge current 30A
Peak discharge current 60A@1~3 Seconds Suggested charge Volt 29.2V
Mechanical Properties
Dimension Customize Housing materials ABS/PVC/Customize
Weight About 8.2kg Communication protocol RS485/RS232/CANBus/Optional
Waterproof level IP65 Output Cable/Connector/Optional
Operation Temperature Parameters
Charge 0 ~ +45℃ Storage less than 12 months -20 ~ 25℃
Discharge -20 ~ +75℃ Storage less than three months  -20 ~ 35℃
Recommended 18 ~ 28℃ Storage over 12 months  25 ℃
BMS function
Protect battery from Over-charge, Over-discharge, Over-current, Over-temperature, Short circuits, and etc.
High safety (no fire, no explosion) No memory effect High energy density Long lifespan over 10 years
Fast Charge Capability Waterproof Individual cell balancing Easy maintenance


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