36V 105Ah Prismatic LiFePO4 Battery

  • Voltage: 36V
  • Capacity: 105Ah
  • Material: Lifepo4
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  • Description:12V/24V/48V LiFePO4 Battery
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36V 105Ah Prismatic LiFePO4 Battery

Factory direct supply Grade A Keheng brand new 120ah 3.2v battery for golf cart

Longer battery life and lifetime maintenance free. Golf cart chargers are also used less frequently, In terms of power supply for electric golf carts, choose Keheng 36V 105Ah Prismatic LiFePO4 Battery.Other application areas: solar street lights, monitoring systems, electric toy cars, electric motorcycles, medical equipment, outdoor portable power supplies.

  • Exceptional Longevity: LiFePO4 chemistry boasts a significantly longer lifespan compared to traditional lead-acid batteries, providing over 2000 charge cycles while maintaining high performance.
  • Unparalleled Safety: LiFePO4 is renowned for its stability and safety, offering a higher resistance to thermal runaway and overcharging, making it one of the safest lithium battery options available.
  • High Energy Density: Enjoy a compact yet powerful energy solution. This prismatic LiFePO4 battery delivers a high capacity of 105Ah, ensuring you have ample power when and where you need it.
  • Eco-Friendly: Embrace green technology with a battery that’s not only efficient but also environmentally friendly. LiFePO4 batteries are non-toxic, have a lower environmental impact, and are recyclable, contributing to a sustainable future.
  • Versatile Applications: Whether powering an electric vehicle, storing solar energy, or providing backup power, this battery’s robust design and adaptable configuration make it ideal for a multitude of uses.

Product Features

  1. Advantages of this Lifepo4 Battery against Lead-acid:
  2. Longer life cycle with over 4000 times;
  3. Portable with Small size and light weight;
  4. Good discharge performance;
  5. More safe and environmental protection;
  6. Higher power discharge;
  7. Higher temperature resistance.

Product Description:

Battery Type 36v 105ah Prismatic LiFePO4 Battery
Brand KH
Model prismatic
Voltage 36v
Capacity 105ah
Discharge cut-off voltage 30v
Maximum Charge voltage 43.8v
Cycle Life 3000 times (0.2C Discharge Rate,100% DOD till 80% of initial capacity)
Certifications CE/RoHS/UN38.3/MSDS
Operating Temperature Charging:0°C ~ 45°C,Discharging: -20°C ~ 60 °C
Storage Temperature One month:-20℃ ~ 45℃
There months:-20℃ ~ 45℃
Six mionths:-20℃ ~ 25℃
Shipping DHL, UPS, FEDEX or Sea Shipping or Special line

Dive into the future of power storage with our 36V 105Ah Prismatic LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) Battery, designed to deliver unmatched reliability, safety, and longevity. This state-of-the-art battery solution is engineered for a wide range of applications, including renewable energy systems, electric vehicles, and backup power, offering superior performance and environmental sustainability.

The 36V 105Ah Prismatic LiFePO4 Battery is more than just a power source; it’s a reliable, safe, and sustainable energy solution that’s built to last. Its advanced technology and robust performance make it an excellent choice for those looking to invest in the longevity and reliability of their power storage systems.

Upgrade to our 36V 105Ah LiFePO4 battery and experience the difference in power, performance, and peace of mind. Whether for personal projects, commercial applications, or renewable energy systems, this battery is designed to meet the highest expectations and deliver consistent, long-lasting power.

Battery characteristic curve

Keheng 12V 100Ah golf car Low Temperature lithium battery has a life expectancy of 3000-5000 cycles with a 100 amp continuous current, 200 amp surge current (30 seconds), and ½ second surge for higher loads.

Keheng lithium batteries provide more energy for high consumption than traditional lead-acid batteries. They also offer ultra-fast charging and discharging, high efficiency, and longer cycle life – plus no maintenance!

Approximately 75-80% of the battery capacity will remain after 3000 cycles in applications recharging at 0.5c or lower. We have seen life spans well over 5000 cycles in our lab testing.

12V 100Ah battery for rv marine golf car



The keheng battery box has a unique design, is made of high-quality plastic, waterproof IP65, sturdy and durable, and is loved by battery DIY enthusiasts and outdoor battery users in Europe and America. Used for RV, golf cart, electric boat, trolling motor, industrial forklift, solar storage, surveillance, street outdoor lighting and other types of batteries.

Batteries applications

As the best lead-acid replacement battery, lithium iron phosphate battery has a wide range of application scenarios. 12volt 100ah is mainly used in street outdoor camera monitoring systems, street lights, rvs, outdoor portable power stations, industrial forklifts, golf carts, electric boats, marine power batteries, etc.

12V 100Ah battery for rv marine golf car

Batteries in series and parallel

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12V 100Ah battery for rv marine golf car

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