72V LSV Off-Road Golf Club Cart Lithium Battery

  • Voltage: 72V
  • Capacity: 200Ah
  • Material: Lifepo4
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  • Description:12V/24V/48V LiFePO4 Battery
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72V LSV Off-Road Golf Club Cart Lithium Battery

Elevate your Low-Speed Vehicle (LSV) and off-road golf cart experience with our cutting-edge 72V LSV Off-Road Golf Club Cart Lithium Battery. Engineered to provide superior power, endurance, and reliability, this lithium battery transforms your ride into a more efficient, high-performing, and environmentally friendly vehicle. Perfect for golfers and off-road enthusiasts alike, our battery ensures that your journey is as enjoyable as your destination.

Why Our 72V Lithium Battery Stands Out

  • Extended Range: Enjoy longer rides without the worry of frequent recharges. Our 72V lithium battery offers an exceptional range, making it perfect for long days on the golf course or adventurous off-road excursions.
  • Quick Charging: Minimize downtime with our battery’s rapid charging capability, getting you back into action faster than ever before.
  • Lightweight Design: Improve your vehicle’s performance and maneuverability with our lightweight lithium battery, significantly reducing the overall weight compared to traditional lead-acid batteries.
  • Durability and Safety: Built to last, our battery features robust construction and advanced safety protocols, including overcharge and over-discharge protection, ensuring a safe and reliable power source under all conditions.
  • Eco-Friendly: Embrace sustainable energy with our lithium battery, offering a greener alternative that reduces emissions and decreases your carbon footprint.

Technical Specifications:

  • Voltage: 72V
  • Capacity Options: Tailored to meet your specific needs and usage patterns, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.
  • Chemistry: High-quality lithium for maximum energy density and lifespan.
  • Cycle Life: Over 2000 cycles at 80% depth of discharge, guaranteeing years of dependable service.
  • Operating Temperature Range: Engineered to perform in a wide array of environmental conditions, ensuring reliability wherever your adventures take you.
  • Weight Reduction: Significantly lighter than traditional alternatives, enhancing vehicle agility and efficiency.
  • Certifications: Meets stringent safety and quality standards, providing peace of mind with every ride.
Nominal Voltage 72V
Rated Capacity 200AH @0.5C to 36V
Stored energy 14400Wh
Cycle life@100%DOD 3000 Cycles Approx.
Weight 50 kg
Internal Resistance ≤40 mΩ
Max. Charge Current 200 A
Max. Discharge Current 200 A
Charge Cut-off Voltage 86.4zV
Discharge Cut-Off Voltage 40V
Series & Parallel Connection Up to 4 batteries
Operating Temperature Range
32°F (0°C) to 113°F (45°C)
14°F (-10°C) to 140°F (60°C)
59°F (15°C) to 95°F (35°C)
Self-Discharge Rate ≤3%/month
Life Expectancy (years) 5 years at one cycle per day
Self Discharge Approx. 2% per month @ 20°C
Long Term Storage Charge every 6 months
Short Circuit Protection Automatically recover after removal of short
Terminal Type Female Copper Insert M8 (M8/mm)

Our 72V Lithium Battery is not merely an upgrade; it’s a transformation of your LSV or off-road golf cart into a more powerful, efficient, and sustainable vehicle. Whether navigating the rugged terrain of an off-road path or cruising the vast expanse of a golf course, this battery ensures that your vehicle is always ready for the challenge, offering a seamless blend of performance and eco-conscious energy use.

Upgrade to our 72V LSV Off-Road Golf Club Cart Lithium Battery and experience the difference in power, range, and sustainability. Elevate your ride and enjoy the ultimate in electric vehicle performance and efficiency.

Battery characteristic curve

Keheng 12V 100Ah golf car Low-Temperature lithium battery has a life expectancy of 3000-5000 cycles with a 100 amp continuous current, 200 amp surge current (30 seconds), and ½ second surge for higher loads.

Keheng lithium batteries provide more energy for high consumption than traditional lead-acid batteries. They also offer ultra-fast charging and discharging, high efficiency, and longer cycle life – plus no maintenance!

Approximately 75-80% of the battery capacity will remain after 3000 cycles in applications recharging at 0.5c or lower. We have seen life spans well over 5000 cycles in our lab testing.

12V 100Ah battery for rv marine golf car

Batteries in series and parallel

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12V 100Ah battery for rv marine golf car

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