Custom 48V NMC Lithium Battery For Electric Outboard Motor

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Custom 48V NMC Lithium Battery For Electric Outboard Motor

Electric Outboard Motor BatteryKeheng manufacturers offer the best 6Volt/8V/12V/36V/48V NMC Lithium Battery For Electric Outboard Motor. Find out the one you need by comparing the voltage, capacity, energy density, etc. Support OEM wholesale. 10-year warranty, direct supply from the manufacturer saves 45% of the cost, best Powakaddy Electric Outboard Motor lithium battery replacement.

Custom Electric Outboard Motor NMC Battery

Product Overview

  • Friendly to the environment: No Cadmium, Mercury effect, Lead
  • No memory effect
  • Small size, light Weight.
  • Low internal resistance
  • Long cycle life: >2000times(10 times of Lead Acid batteries)
  • Low self-discharge character

Product features

48V Lithium Battery For Electric Outboard Motor

Compared with other batteries particularly lead-acid ones, some additional benefits are provided by our lithium-ion Electric Outboard Motor batteries. Firstly, it has a cycle lifespan of up to 8000 cycles and can last 3 times to 5 times the length that lead-acid batteries can last. Secondly, there is no specific maintenance you need to do to those batteries. Also, Lithium-ion batteries do not lose power as their voltage dips. Furthermore, the recharge speeds of our products are significantly faster. Lastly, our Electric Outboard Motor batteries bring 95% less harmful waste than lead-acid batteries, which are environmentally friendly and sustainable for the firms and our earth.

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