Custom HV Tire Dump Mining Car Lithium Battery

  • Product Item: KH-NBC-F
  • Capacity: Custom
  • Voltage: Custom
  • Material: Lifepo4 or NMC
  • Description:12V/24V/48V/ HV LiFePO4 Battery
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Custom HV Tire Dump Mining Car Lithium Battery

Mining Car Lithium Battery

Our custom HV Tyre Dump Truck Lithium Batteries are designed for Tire Dump mining Car operating in the most challenging conditions. The lithium batteries are robust and customisable to meet the unique needs of our industrial customers. The Custom HV Tyre Dump Truck Lithium Battery is at the forefront of lithium-ion technology and is designed to provide unparalleled performance for the mining industry. It provides a reliable and long-lasting power source that ensures mining operations can be carried out efficiently and without interruption.

Tire Dump Mining Car Lithium Battery

  • High energy density: maximizes uptime and reduces the need for frequent recharging.
  • Customized options: Customised solutions are available to meet the specific requirements of each vehicle and application.
  • Superior Durability: Designed for harsh mining environments.
  • Environmentally friendly: Advanced lithium technology minimizes environmental impact.
  • Intelligent Battery Management System (BMS): improves the performance and safety of battery operation.

Technical Specifications

Specification Detail
Battery Type Advanced Lithium-ion
Standard Voltage Customizable up to 600V
Energy Density 200Wh/kg
Operating Temperature -20°C to 60°C
Cycle Life ≥5000 cycles
Charging Time Standard charge: 4 hours, Fast charge: 2 hours
Weight Adjustable based on customization
Dimensions Adjustable based on customization

Customization Capabilities

How Customize Powerwall Batteries For You

To illustrate our capacity to tailor our product to your specific needs, the following table details various customization options along with their parameters.

Customization Aspect Options Available Application Scenario
Voltage Adjustment 200V – 600V Tailored to different vehicle requirements
Size and Shape Custom designed based on client needs To fit diverse space and installation demands
Interface Type Various standard and non-standard options Ensures compatibility with existing equipment
BMS Customization Custom features and software interface To enhance battery performance and safety
Environmental Adaptation High/low temperature, dust, and water resistance For complex and extreme operational environments

The Custom HV Tire Dump Mining Car Lithium Battery not only represents Keheng’s cutting-edge achievements in lithium battery technology but also our deep understanding of and commitment to fulfilling the specialized needs of our industrial clients. We are dedicated to delivering top-quality products and services, ensuring your heavy-duty equipment operates optimally under any conditions. For any customization requests or inquiries, please feel free to contact our team of engineers.

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