Customized Home 1080p/ 4k Wireless Security Camera Lithium Battery

  • Model: Security Camera Battery
  • Voltage: 12.8V
  • Capacity: 10Ah
  • Support: Wholesale, OEM.ODM
  • Warranty: 10 years
  • Delivery Time: 7-14 days for samples, 35-60days fpr mass production
  • Packaging Details: Carton
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Customized Home 1080p/ 4k Wireless Security Camera Lithium Battery

Item Specification

  • Product Name: 12V 10Ah Lithium-ion Battery Pack
  • Cell Brand: ATL/LG/Samsung/
  • Rated Capacity: 10Ah
  • Nominal Voltage: 12V
  • Charging Volt: 12.6V
  • Max. Discharging Current: 5Ah
  • Over charge detection voltage: 12.84±0.025V
  • Over current detection current: 10A
  • Internal Resistance: ≤85mΩ
  • Cycle Life: 3000

Product Details

12V 10Ah Lithium Battery
Items Specifications Test tools Comments
Charge voltage 12.6V *Electronic voltage meter Exactitude±0. 1V
Nominal voltage 12V
10Ah(with standard 0.2C Discharge ) *Secondary batteries test equipment (min100mAh
@0.5C Discharge)
Charge current Standard Charging::0.2C/ 1A
Rapid charge: 0.5C/2.5A
*Secondary batteries test equipment
Standard Charging method 0.2C CC(constant current) charge to 12.6V, then CV(constant voltage 12.6V)
charge till charge current decline to ≤0.01C
*Electronic voltage meter
*Secondary batteries test equipment
Charging time Standard Charging:6.5 hours (Ref.)
Rapid charge:2.5 hours(Ref.)
*Secondary batteries test equipment
Max. discharge current 5A
Discharge cutt-off Voltage 12.0V *Electronic voltage meter
*Secondary batteries test equipment
Operating Temperature 0℃~+15℃ Max Charging 0.2C
15℃~+45℃ Max Charging 0.5 C
15℃~+45℃ Max Discharging 2 C
-20℃~+15℃ Max Discharging 3 C
45℃~+60℃ Note!
If you working condition +45℃ to +60℃, please contact us for checking
Storage Temperature -10℃~+45℃ Less than 1 months
-10℃~+35℃ Less than 6 months
Battery Pack Dimension 120*60*40mm Calipers Exactitude ±0.01mm
CCTV of 12V 10Ah Lithium Battery
Item Syol Content Criterion
Over charge Protection V (DET1) Over charge detection voltage 12.84±0.025V
tV (DET1) Over charge detection delay time 0.7 ~ 1.3S
V (REL1) Over charge release voltage 12.24±0.05V
Over discharge protection V (DET2) Over discharge detection voltage 8.7±0.08V
tV (DET2) Over discharge detection delay time 70~ 150 mS
V (REL2) Over discharge release voltage 9.0±0. 1V
Over current protection V (DET3) Over current detection voltage 0.2±0.03V
I (DP) Over current detection current 10A
tV (DET3) Detection delay time 6~ 14mS
Release condition Cut load
Short protection Detection condition Exterior short circuit
T (SHORT) Detection delay time 150~400uS
Release condition Cut short circuit
Interior resistance R( DS) Main loop electrify resistance V C = 12.6V;R DS ≤50mΩ
Current consumption I (DD) Current consume in normal operation 2.0μA Type10.0 μA Max


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