Dji 3.7V 3000mah Lipo Battery Drone Substitutes

  • Product Item: KH-LFP373
  • Capacity: 3Ah
  • Voltage: 3.7V
  • Material: Lipo
  • Description:3.7V Drone battery
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Dji 3.7V 3000mah Lipo Battery Drone Substitutes

3.7V 3000mah RC Drone Li-Po Battery for s6 g6 and other folding RC airplanes.
The drone battery has overcharge protection and short circuit protection to ensure the safety of the charging process.
The lightweight design of the LiPo battery makes it easy to carry. Provides the perfect combination of weight, power and performance.
The lithium battery case is made of plastic material, which is durable, stable and has a long service life.
Durable Li-Po battery can provide longer battery life to fully experience the flying fun brought by the drone.

Item type: lithium battery for remote control airplane
Material: plastic, lithium metal
Battery capacity: 3.7V 3000mah lithium battery


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