LiFePO4 Battery Cell Cylindrical 32700 3.2V 6Ah Grade A

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3.2v 6000mah/6ah lifepo4 32700 batteries cells for solar /ev marine, e-bike, e boat, energy storage, high quality, grade a 100% new lifepo4 battery cell, 3-year warranty, then oem wholesale distributor manufacturers.

LiFePO4 Cylindrical 32700 Cells Data Sheet

Item General Parameter Remark
Nominal Capacity 6000mAh 0.2 C5A Discharge
Nominal Voltage 3.2V Mean Operation Voltage
Discharge cut-off voltage 2.0V 0.2 C5A Discharge
Charging limited Voltage  3.65±0.03V 0℃~45℃
Standard Charge Current 0.2 C5A 0℃~45℃
Standard Discharge Current 0.2 C5A -10℃~ +60℃
Rapid Charge Current 0.5C5A 0℃~45℃
Rapid Discharge Current 0.5C5A -10℃~ +60℃
Max. Discharge Current 3C5A Limited Voltage2.0V
Max. Pulse Discharge
5C5A ms
Internal Impedance ≤25mΩ At AC 1kHz
Weight About141g ±2g
Storage Temperature Range one month -20℃ ~ 45℃
three months -20℃ ~ 35℃
a year -20℃ ~ 25℃
Voltage of shipment


The LiFePo4 batteries are widely used as electric sprayer batteries, electric bicycle batteries, solar power general batteries, energy
storage battery, telecom base station battery, solar battery, UPS storage battery, ESS battery, and other rechargeable batteries.

LiFePO4 Battery Cell Cylindrical 3.2V 6Ah 6000mah 32700


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