LTO Battery Cell Scib 2.3v 20ah Nano Lithium Deep Cycle Titanate

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Scib 2.3v 20ah lto nano lithium titanate battery long cycle life

Industrial lithium-ion battery, Toshiba rechargeable battery scab.

Scib uses lithium titanium oxide in its anode to achieve excellent characteristics

Safety: low risk of fire or explosion

In an internal short circuit, the lithium titanium oxide (LTO) in the anode layer of the scib™ phase transforms to highly resistive, thus minimizing the risk of drastic current flow that may lead to rupture, fire, or other accidents.

Long life: cycle life of 20,000 times or more

The capacity remains at 70% or more, even at 20,000 times the charging/discharging capacity. Scib™ also has a small degree of deterioration even with float charging*, making it usable for applications that keep constant voltage, such as a backup power supply.

Rapid charging: rapidly charges to about 80% of the capacity in 6 minutes

The favorable anode charging characteristics provide rapid charging to about 80% of the capacity in 6 minutes.

Performance at low temperature: usable even at -30ºc

Since there is almost no lithium metal deposition even at low-temperature usage, repeated charging and discharging are possible at -30℃.

High input/output: large current for both input and output

Scib™ can accept considerable current input and output. Thus, it can store large amounts of regenerative energy generated during the deceleration of railways and automobiles and supply the large current necessary to start the motor.

Wide e­ffective soc* range: available soc range of0 to 100%

Scib™ exhibits excellent input/output characteristics over a wide soc* range. This makes it possible to reduce the nominal battery capacity or amount of batteries necessary for a system compared to other batteries with a narrower soc range.

Nano lithium titanate, widespread revolution in energy usage

Automobile, ship, railway, facilities/equipment, electricity stabilization, energy conservation, industrial machine/device, battery installation,backup power source, etc.

Lineup of toshibarechargeable battery scibtm, selectable according to your application

toshiba scib 2.3v 20ah,2.4v 2.9ah,2.4v 10ah, 2.3v 23ah.

SCiBTM cell SCiB™ rechargeable cells can be categorized into two types: high energy and high power.
The high energy type is used when a large capacity is required for electric automobiles, stationary batteries, etc. In contrast, the high power type is used when the charge/discharge of a large current is needed for a short time, such as the use of regenerative energy.
Photo High energy type 10Ah cell 2.9Ah cell
Product name 23Ah cell 20Ah cell 10Ah 2.9Ah
Nominal capacity 23Ah 20Ah 2.4V 2.4V
Nominal voltage 2.3V 2.3V 1800w-(SOC50%, 10sec, 25°C) 420W-(SOC50%, 10sec, 25°C)
Volume energy density 202Wh/L 176Wh/L 1500W-(SOC50%, 10sec, 25°C) 480W-(SOC50%, 10sec, 25°C)
Dimensions W116×D22×H106 mm W116xD22xH106mm W63xD14xH97 mm
Weight Approx. 550g Approx. 515g Approx.  510g Approx. 150g

SCiBTM module
This consists of more than one cell combined to obtain the required capacity and voltage.
A cell monitoring unit (CMU) is mounted, and the controller area network (CAN) communication transmits the voltage and temperature data.
The SIP series and five-series battery pack also have a battery management unit (BMU) and do not require an external protection circuit.

SCiBTM system
This is the stationary battery system widely used for stable supply of electricity, backup, energy saving, and others.

LTO Advantages

LTO material has higher electric potential with lithium metal, avoiding lithium dendrite during battery overcharging, and has better safety and stability. Meanwhile, it has a three-dimensional lithium-ion transmission channel, which can charge and discharge at a high rate; complete charging and discharging from extremely low temperature-50°C to ultra-high temperature of 60°C can be realized.

High Security

Results show that The LTO titanium batteries don’t cause fire or explosion after penetration, electric drill, cutting, and other tests.

Remark: This is a professional test. Never imitate !


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