Tesla Powerwall Alternative 12.2kwh LiFepo4 Lithium Battery Energy Storage System (ESS)

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12.2kwh lifepo4 lithium battery Energy Storage System (ESS)

Keheng 12.2kwh lifepo4 solar lithium battery is the best Energy Storage System (ESS), wall-mounted solar battery suitable for UPS, server, telecom battery, and alternative to Tesla power wall; both performance and price are superior to Tesla; best Alternatives To Tesla Powerwalls In 2022.


1.1 Battery Cell Technical Parameters
Item Specification Remark
Cell Type LFP
Cell Model 6LH3L7 From CATL
Cell Nominal Voltage 3.2V
Cell Voltage Rang 2.5~3.65V
Nominal Capacity (Ah) 240 5.10+0.20kg
Energy Density (Wh/kg) Discharge: -20℃~60℃
Operating Temp Charge: 0℃~55℃
Storage Temp -10℃~35℃(Less than 3 months)
Cell Cycle 4000 time @80%
1.2 Battery Pack Technical Parameters
Powerporter 12.2 kWh Parameters
Pack Structure 1P16S
Nominal Voltage(V) 51.2
Nominal Capacity(Ah) 240
Pack Voltage Range(V) 40~58.4
Pack Operating Temp Discharge:-20℃~60℃
Pack Energy(kWh) 12.288
Available SOC Range 5%~95%
Cell Temp Difference ≤15℃
Charge/discharge Efficiency ≥95%
Charge Constant Current <180A
Peak Current ≤240A <3s
Discharge Constant Current ≤240A
Peak Current ≤300A <1s
Pack Cycle 3500 Time @80%
Weight(kg) 115±5%
RH ≤85%


Ease of Installation
The ESS is pre-wired and factory-tested to enable quick installation. It only takes 5 minutes to connect the system to your customer’s home internet. This modular system is expandable with battery storage to suit the customer’s needs.
Battery Management System (BMS) has protection functions that include over-discharge, over-charge, over-current, and high/low temperature.
The BMS system can automatically manage the charge and discharge state to balance the current and voltage of each cell.
The system can automatically switch to backup mode in less than 0.01s (UPS level).
The working temperature range is 32F to 122F (0C to 50C), with excellent discharge performance and cycle life.

Design for home appliances, easy to install and handle.

Features of Lithium Battery Cabinet

  1. Integrated design: the wiring has been designed in the cabinet; just install it directly
  2. Save volume and can be placed anywhere in the courtyard
  3. Beautiful appearance, high safety, and maintenance-free, making your energy storage system unique
  4. 12-year lithium battery warranty, UL battery cell certification, CE battery pack certification
  5. It is compatible with many brands of energy storage inverters on the market, including but not limited to Growatt, Sofar, INVT, Sungrow, Solis, Sol Ark,,,, etc.
  6. Customizable, one-stop energy storage solar system solution supplier

Compact design

Practical pulling ear design improves operation convenience.

Multiple communication protocols: Rs485,rs232,can, available

Unlimited units parallel supported (up to 16 parallel)

House-made smart BMS technologies

Smart BMS, with overcharging/discharging protection, Cell balance, Abnormal alarm,Gps security (optional).

Wide compatibility

Keheng China manufacturer rack mounting 48v 150ah lithium-ion battery had been debugged and matched with the mainstream brand inverters in the market and can be directly connected for use. The supported inverter brands are as follows:

Goodwe, pylon, solar farm, Victron, growth, solar, sofar, lux power,pv1800f, sorotec.

You can contact us if you have other inverters, and we will serve you wholeheartedly.

Tesla Powerwall Alternative 12.2kwh Applications

12.2kwh lifepo4 lithium battery storage cabinet for home telecom battery rack systems ess main applications: Solar Power Systems, Wind Energy Systems, UPS Systems (Uninterrupted Power Supply), Telecom Systems, Railway Systems, Switches and Control systems, Emergency Lighting Systems, and Radio and Broadcasting Stations, Home solar energy storage systems with immense power, family hotels, farm energy storage systems, Commercial solar energy storage systems. Other extended application areas include solar power stations, grassland pastoral areas, frontier posts, industrial energy storage, island fishing boats, home energy storage, rural electrification, RV residence power supply, and outdoor camping.

Battery management system

Bms for lithium-ion battery is an essential battery pack safety protection accessory, 12.2kwh lifepo4 lithium battery storage cabinet for home telecom battery rack systems ess  adopts high-quality keheng new energy self-developed bms circuit protection board, the BMS pcba have all functions which are:

Overcharge detection function; over-discharge detection function; high temperature;  short detection function; thermal shock; no fires; no explosions; over current detection function; the BMS is designed for 4 series lithium battery.

Powerwall Ess energy storage systems product series list

Models Nominal Voltage(V) Nominal Capacity(Ah) Stored Energy(KWh) Weight(kg)+/-5% Dimension(+/-3mm) Cycle life
L(mm) W(mm) H(mm) DOD 100%
KH-ES-4850R1 51.2 50 2.56 31.5 483 400 133 >2000
KH-ES-4850R2 51.2 50 2.56 31.5 483 400 133 >2000
KH-ES-48100R1 51.2 100 5.12 49.5 483 459 175 >2000
KH-ES-48150 R1 51.2 150 7.68 49.5 483 520 178 >2000
KH-ES-48200 R1 51.2 200 10.24 78 483 650 220 >2000
KH-ES5KPW 51.2 100 5.12 60 460 165 683 >2000
KH-ES10KPW 51.2 200 10.24 100 420 259 700 >2000
KH-ES2.5-WM2 51.2 50 2.5 29.5 485 350 165 >2000
KH-ES5-WM2 51.2 100 5.1 48.5 650 408 160 >2000
KH-ES10-WM2 51.2 200 10.2 91.5 750 490 200 >2000
KH-YJ-12100 12.8 100 1.28 28.6 440 580 260 >2000
KH-YJ-12200 12.8 200 2.56 37.6 440 580 260 >2000
KH PP12.2kWh 51.2 240 12.288 115 454 262 918 >2000
HESS 48v20kwh 51.2 400 20.4 230 600 600 1200 >2000
Because the model is numerous, it only displays the part, may contact us to understand more!


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