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YinLong 35Ah LTO66160F Nano Lithium Titanate Battery Cells

keheng factory direct supply of LTO battery cells,wholesale yinlong 35Ah LTO66160F nano lithium titanate battery cell,for electric sightseeing vehicle.


Brand: YinLong

Material Science: The lithium-titanate-oxide (LTO)

Model: 66160F

Nominal capacity: 35Ah

Nominal voltage: 2.3V

Recommended charging voltage: 2.8V

Recommended discharge voltage: 1.5V

Cycle life: ≥25000 Cycles

Dimensions: 66*160mm

Terminal: M12

Weight: Approx. 1.24kg

Operating temperature:

Charging: -50℃~60℃

Discharging: -50℃~60℃

LTO Battery Application

LTO Battery Wide Application,Super Capacity,widely application for energy storage & Power Battery Pack,Used in Engine starting battery, electric bicycle/motorcycle/scooter,

golf trolley/carts, power tools..UPS, Solar and wind power system, RV, caravan…

Performance comparison of lithium titanate batteries

Cell type Lead-acid battery Lithium-iron phosphate batteries Lithium titanate battery
Rated voltage 2.0V 3.2V 2.3V
Mass specific energy 30-45 Wh/kg 100-170 Wh/kg 75-100 Wh/kg
Volume specific energy 65-80 Wh/L 250-400 Wh/kg 140~200 Wh/kg
Suitable temperature 10-50℃ -20-55℃ -50~60℃
Charging time 6~10hours 2-3hours 6-15minutes
Cycle life 300-500times 2000-3000times >30000 times
The low temperature performance -20℃ charging: not available -20℃ charging: not available -20℃ charging: >85%
Charge discharge rate -20℃ discharge: not available -20℃ discharge: =70% -20℃ discharge: >85%
Security 0.1-0.2C 0.3-2C 6-10C
Environmental protection security good Very safe
Lead pollution Environment friendly Environment friendly

LTO Advantages

LTO material has higher electric potential with lithium metal,avoiding lithium dendrite during the process of battery overcharging,and has better safety and stability.Meanwhile,it has three-dimensional lithium-ion transmission channel,which can charge and discharge at high rate;full charging and sicharging from extremely low temperature-50°C to ultra-high temperature 60°C can be realized.


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