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Top 10 NMC 21700 Battery Cell Manufacturers in China

The 21700 format refers to the size of the battery (21 mm in diameter and 70 mm in height); this article focuses on the top 10 NMC 21700 battery cell manufacturers from China, which have their strengths in terms of production, innovation, and more, so follow along with me and explore!

NMC 21700 Battery Cell Overview

Why Choose Us 21700 Battery

These NMC 21700 cylindrical lithium-ion batteries have been used in various electronic devices for years. 21700 refers to the battery size, which is 21mm in diameter and 70mm in length.

The advantage of NMC 21700 batteries is that they have a long cycle life and can be charged and discharged more times, making them a more durable and long-lasting option.NMC 21700 batteries typically charge faster and take less time to recharge. However, it is essential to note that NMC 21700 batteries also have some drawbacks. One of the main drawbacks is their higher value than other batteries, such as 18650. This will cause them to seem less valuable in some applications, especially among those on a tight budget.NMC batteries have a higher threat of thermal runaway and need to focus on this aspect.

Advantages of NMC 21700 Battery cell Disadvantages of NMC 21700 Battery cell
Higher electricity density Higher price
Improved cycle life There is a better risk of thermal runaway
Quicker charging pace

Top 10 NMC 21700 Battery Cell Manufacturers in China

China has become a leader in manufacturing NMC 21700 batteries, which are critical to programs ranging from electric vehicles to industrial and commercial storage and power cells. This stage looks at 10 of the top manufacturers in China:

Producer Vicinity Annual manufacturing capability (GWh) Based 12 months
CATL Ningde, Fujian 50 2011
BYD Shenzhen, Guangdong 30 1995
CALB Luoyang, Henan 20 2007
Keheng Shenzhen, Guangdong 6 2009
EVE strength Huizhou, Guangdong 12 2001
BAK Battery Co., Ltd. Shenzhen, Guangdong 8 2001
Guoxuan excessive-Tech Co. Ltd Hefei, Anhui 10 2006
SVOLT power generation Changzhou, Jiangsu 7 2012
Tafel New strength technology Nanjing, Jiangsu 5 2015
Pulead Generation Enterprise Co. Beijing 5 1999

These producers represent the top lithium-ion batteries in China, and NMC 21700 cells have a precise edge in production, innovation, and deployment due to their top stability, functionality, and software versatility. This contributes significantly to the global transition to renewable energy assets.

Overview of CATL – Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Limited


Amperex Generation Co. Restricted (commonly known as CATL ) is a leading international lithium-ion battery development and manufacturing company with a considerable market share in the electric vehicle (EV) market. As one of China’s largest producers of NMC 21700 cells, CATL is recognized for innovation and sophistication. Battery chemistry and engineering knowledge are crucial in transitioning to sustainable energy.

CATL’s NMC (Nickel Manganese Cobalt) 21700 cells are known for their high energy density, which makes them particularly suitable for use in passenger cars, for example, where long-range capability is required without compromising overall performance. This ensures that Ningdezhen is always at the forefront of battery technology, meeting the ever-changing needs of every automotive company and consumer electronics product.

CATL is also recognized for its strong supply chain and production capabilities. The company strategically places its manufacturing facilities to optimize efficiency and throughput to meet the growing global demand for the perfect battery. With an in-depth understanding of the market and its complexities, Ningde Times has built strong partnerships with leading automakers, securing its position as a critical distributor of electric vehicle batteries.CATL’s mastery of the NMC 21700 battery cell underscores its potential to innovate within the constraints of the industry standard while pushing the limits of what is feasible for lithium-ion power generation.

BYD Battery Co. Ltd


BYD Battery Co. Ltd, an outstanding player in the battery area, particularly mentioned for its know-how in manufacturing NMC 21700 battery cells, has continually driven the bounds of battery generation. Based in the mid-1990s, BYD has extended its reach globally, organizing itself as a key provider in both automotive and renewable power storage structures.

Manufacturing Capacity and Innovation

BYD’s production skills are lovely, and it has an extensive production base, primarily in Shenzhen, China. The organization’s commitment to investigation and development is evident in its modern upgrades in battery lifestyle span, strength density, and protection requirements. Those improvements have made BYD a go-to source for super NMC 21700 cells.

Key specs of BYD NMC 21700 Cells

function Specification
Nominal Voltage 3.7V
Energy Density 250 Wh/kg
Ability 5000 mAh
Cycle life 2000+
Charging Temperature range 0°C to 55°C
Discharging Temperature range -20°C to 60°C

The specifications of BYD’s NMC 21700 cells spotlight their suitability for various programs, from electric-powered cars to huge-scale power garage solutions. This versatility is vital for meeting the diverse needs of the modern-day electricity market.

Strategic Collaborations and Market Effects

BYD has hooked up numerous strategic partnerships with domestic and international car manufacturers. These collaborations have no longer best extended their marketplace presence but bolstered their function in the global push toward electrification. The effect of BYD in shaping the electrical car enterprise and selling sustainable energy answers is massive and developing.

Environmental and protection standards

Devoted to sustainability, BYD adheres to stringent environmental and safety standards. The manufacturing technique for the NMC 21700 cells is designed to limit environmental impact while maximizing protection and overall performance. These efforts are aligned with international environmental guidelines and contribute to a more sustainable battery production environment.

In summary, BYD Battery Co. Ltd stays at the vanguard of the NMC 21700 battery cell market, with its modern technique to era, expansive production capabilities, and strategic market projects. Its persistent recognition of improving product features and environmental performance exemplifies its dedication to sustainably advancing battery technology.

CALB – China Aviation Lithium Battery


China Aviation Lithium Battery (CALB) is a prominent name for producing NMC 21700 battery cells, and it distinguishes itself through its dedication to innovation and sustainable generation. Founded with an imaginative and prescient to guide renewable electricity packages, CALB has rapidly become a key participant in the international lithium battery marketplace.

The company specializes in producing high-performance lithium-ion batteries, emphasizing NMC (nickel manganese cobalt) chemistry, which is preferred for its extraordinary strength density and lengthy lifecycle. CALB’s NMC 21700 cells are mainly noted for their robustness and performance, making them relatively in demand in car and stationary storage packages.

CALB has applied current manufacturing technologies to decorate its battery cells’ overall performance and safety. These advancements include sophisticated electrode coating techniques and rigorous high-quality manipulation procedures, ensuring every cell meets the highest reliability and performance standards. Furthermore, the corporation is deeply invested in studies and development, constantly searching to improve the energy density and decrease the fee in their NMC 21700 cells.

The business enterprise’s centers are equipped with trendy automation systems, reflecting its commitment to preserving an aspect in an exceedingly aggressive market. This technological prowess no longer bolsters production efficiency but enhances the consistency and satisfaction of the last product. CALB’s technique for sustainable production practices underscores its function as a responsible chief inside the battery enterprise.

Strategically, CALB has established a strong delivery chain that guarantees a stable delivery of uncooked substances, which is vital for meeting the growing demand for NMC 21700 cells. This readiness no longer stabilizes manufacturing but positions CALB to respond rapidly to marketplace adjustments and patron desires. The strategic geographic area in their manufacturing flora similarly enables CALB to optimize logistics, decreasing lead instances and transportation costs for worldwide distribution.

via non-stop innovation and a stringent awareness of excellence, CALB sets the same old for NMC 21700 battery generation. Their cells aren’t simply merchandise but pivotal additives that make electricity a greener destiny.


keheng logo

Keheng is one of the major players in the international battery sector, linked by a perfect combination of innovation, sophistication, and sustainability. Specializing in lithium-ion batteries’ development, production, and revenue ( LFP and NMC 18650, 21700, 26650 cylindrical, and prismatic cells ).

Technical improvements and first-rate guarantee

Keheng prides itself on its relentless pursuit of technological advancement in lithium-ion batteries. With an R&D team of around 50 people, Keheng re-invests a significant portion of sales into research to enhance the overall performance, safety, and reliability of the NMC 21700 battery.

Sustainability Efforts

The sustainability of battery production and use is a cornerstone of Keheng’s operational philosophy. The organization adopts eco-friendly practices in manufacturing and has initiatives geared toward decreasing the environmental effect of its merchandise at some point in its lifecycle. This consists of efforts to reduce carbon footprints and beautify the recyclability of battery cells.

Product specifications

Specification Description
Battery cell LFP 18650、21700、26650、32650 battery cell、NMC 21700、18650、26650、32650 battery cell、Finished cells and NMC battery pack
Ability Typically, degrees between 4000mAh and 5000mAh
Operating Temperature -20°C to 60°C
Life Cycle 2000+ cycles with < 20% capability loss
Protection capabilities More than one safety mechanism consisting of overcharge, over-discharge, brief circuit, and thermal safety

International attain and Customer Base.

Keheng has significantly increased its global reach, establishing partnerships and delivery chains on all continents. This internationalization has not only allowed ACE to meet the needs of a diverse group of buyers. Their NMC 21700 batteries are vital in electric vehicles, power storage structures, and portable electronics, highlighting the employer’s versatility and adaptability in specific market segments.

Profile of EVE Energy

EVE Energy Co., Ltd. is set up as a distinguished participant in improving and manufacturing lithium battery merchandise and solutions. Based in 2001, EVE Electricity has dedicated itself to the innovation of the battery era, particularly within the subject of NMC 21700 battery cells, which might be famous for their excessive strength density and lengthy lifecycle. The enterprise is based in Huizhou, Guangdong Province, China, strategically positioning itself in one of the most dynamic monetary areas globally.

The 21700 battery cellular format, measuring 21mm in diameter and 70mm in peak, has become increasingly famous due to its excellent balance between size and ability. EVE strength has excelled in this area by generating cells that meet and frequently exceed global standards for performance and safety. Their production facilities are equipped with modern-day equipment and generation, ensuring superb output and steady reliability.

One of the essential elements of EVE Power’s achievement is its dedication to analysis and improvement. The company invests drastically in enhancing the chemical composition of the NMC (Nickel Manganese Cobalt) cathode material to beautify the battery’s overall performance. This consists of growing nickel content for better power density and tweaking the ratio of manganese and cobalt to enhance the thermal stability of the cells.

EVE energy’s NMC 21700 cells are broadly used in numerous programs: electric vehicles (EVs), portable power stations, and strength storage systems. The flexibility of those cells is supported by their high electricity density, which allows for longer usage instances and might considerably lessen the weight of the battery packs. This is particularly useful inside the EV marketplace, where prolonged range and reduced weight are crucial elements.

The business enterprise is no longer the only one that makes a specialty product great; it is also concerned with sustainability. EVE power implements rigorous environmental standards in its production methods to reduce ecological effects. This dedication to sustainability extends to the recycling of materials and ensuring that all elements in their battery production adhere to environmental laws and guidelines, reflecting their duty toward green practices.

Collaborations and partnerships are also principal to EVE Electricity’s approach. By running closely with different generation companies and automakers, EVE’s strength ensures that its NMC 21700 cells are integrated seamlessly into new and current technologies. Those collaborations help pave the way for innovations in battery percent designs and hybrid structures, pushing the limits of what’s possible in the battery era.

As the demand for green and excessive-potential battery cells grows, EVE Power is well-positioned to steer the market with its advanced NMC 21700 cells. Their commitment to high quality, innovation, and sustainability makes them a key contributor to the destiny of lithium-ion battery generation.

Introduction to BAK Battery Co., Ltd.

BAK Battery Co., Ltd., installed in 2001, has grown into a distinguished participant in the global battery area, specially mentioned for its improvement and manufacturing of NMC 21700 battery cells. Primarily based in Shenzhen, China, BAK is dedicated to advancing lithium-ion battery generation with a substantial consciousness of safety, performance, and sustainability.

employer Profile

BAK Battery has carved out a gap in producing super battery cells essential for diverse applications, along with electric automobiles (EVs), strength storage structures, and transportable electronic devices. The organization’s production facilities adhere to stringent exceptional manipulation requirements, ensuring each battery mobile meets international safety and performance benchmarks.

manufacturing skills

The NMC 21700 battery cell from BAK is particularly noteworthy for its energy density and longevity stability. BAK’s commitment to R&D has enabled them to decorate the electrochemical properties of these cells, making them extra efficient and dependable over more than one charge cycle.

Key specifications

Specification details
Cell type NMC 21700
Capacity Typically, around 4000 to 5000 mAh
Maximum Voltage 4.2V
Energy Density High
Cycle lifestyles Over a thousand cycles with minimum degradation
Programs EVs, strength storage, transportable Electronics

Strategic initiatives

In reaction to the burgeoning demand for renewable strength solutions, BAK Battery has expanded its production potential and optimized its supply chain to ensure timely merchandise shipping to global markets. The employer has additionally fashioned strategic alliances with automotive manufacturers and era companies to tailor their products to unique industry wishes.

The innovation at BAK Battery Co., Ltd. It is driven by an ahead-wondering technique to address the evolving needs of contemporary generation programs. This guarantees their position no longer simply as a manufacturer however as a crucial associate within the worldwide push closer to electrification and sustainable energy answers.

Examining Guoxuan High-Tech Co. Ltd

inside the panorama of NMC 21700 battery cell manufacturers in China, Guoxuan Excessive-Tech Co. Ltd stands out as an outstanding participant. Set up with a sturdy cognizance of studies and improvement, the organization has consistently pushed the limits of lithium-ion battery technology.

Guoxuan Excessive Tech has carved a spot for itself by emphasizing the development of high-density energy garage solutions. Their 21700 battery cells are particularly mentioned for or their lengthy lifecycle and stability, which are essential factors for packages in electric-powered vehicles and renewable-power garage structures.

The organization’s manufacturing facilities are ready with superior automation technologies, ensuring excessive product precision and consistency. This technological aspect helps Guoxuan preserve a competitive stance in domestic and international markets.

moreover, Guoxuan HighTech is actively worried about sustainability initiatives. They put in force environmentally friendly production techniques and aim to lessen the ecological footprint of their operations. This dedication to sustainability now enhances their corporate photo and appeals to environmentally conscious clients and investors.

Through strategic partnerships and non-stop innovation, Guoxuan Excessive-Tech Co. Ltd is poised to stay a key participant in the evolving market of NMC 21700 battery cells. Their willpower for high quality and sustainability positions them nicely to address the imminent demanding situations within the strength quarter.

Analysis of SVOLT Energy Technology

SVOLT electricity technology has emerged as an impressive player within NMC 21700 battery mobile manufacturing. This Chinese-based total agency spun off from terrific Wall Cars, has substantially elevated its production capability and technological talents, positioning itself as a critical dealer within the global battery marketplace.

One of SVOLT’s strengths is its progressive approach to battery chemistry and layout. The enterprise has evolved several NMC 21700 cells, which can be optimized for high power density and safety, which can be crucial factors for applications in electric vehicles and strength garage structures. SVOLT’s adoption of cobalt-loose battery generation reduces expenses and alleviates the moral worries associated with cobalt mining.

Technological improvements and manufacturing capacity

SVOLT has been at the forefront of advancing battery generation. The company’s today’s studies and development facilities have led to notable enhancements in cell sturdiness and charging speeds. This technological prowess is supported by solid production methods that ensure fantastic and consistent battery merchandise.

Function Details
Electricity Density As much as 250 Wh/kg
Cellular type NMC 21700
Cobalt-loose Sure, lowering the environmental and moral impact
Applications Electric-powered motors, strength storage systems
Manufacturing capacity Anticipated to attain forty GWh by 2025

The organization’s ambitious enlargement plans include putting additional manufacturing gadgets in Europe and China in place, aiming to boost its production capability to fulfill the developing call for electric-powered vehicle batteries and desk-bound garage solutions globally.

Strategic Collaborations and Marketplace Impact

SVOLT has shaped strategic partnerships with numerous leading automobile producers, enhancing its marketplace attainment and having an effect on it. These collaborations no longer only facilitate the mixing of SVOLT’s NMC 21700 cells into next-era electric cars but also strengthen the enterprise’s position inside the aggressive battery market.

via non-stop innovation and strategic market positioning, SVOLT electricity technology remains an extensive contributor to the advancement of the NMC 21700 battery era. Employers’ efforts to develop safer, more efficient, and price-powerful battery solutions are pivotal in the global transition to sustainable energy sources.

Exploring the Capabilities of Tafel New Energy Technology

Tafel New Strength Generation, a key player inside the NMC 21700 battery cellular production enterprise, has confirmed substantial development in strength garage solutions. This company, regarded for its progressive approach to lithium-ion batteries, specializes in improving and producing excessive-ability NMC (Nickel Manganese Cobalt) cells that cater to a ramification of packages from electric vehicles to huge-scale energy garage systems.

The core capability of Tafel’s New strength technology lies in its superior studies and development facility, which focuses on improving the energy density and protection of 21700 battery cells. Those cells are especially cited for their cylindrical layout, which offers the highest quality stability among electricity density and thermal management, making them a preferred preference for traumatic packages.

One of the standout functions of Tafel’s product offerings is its emphasis on sustainability and performance. The enterprise has integrated contemporary technology to reduce the environmental impact of battery manufacturing while improving the lifecycle and performance of the batteries. Tafel’s production techniques are also designed to adhere to stringent exceptional manipulation requirements, ensuring each mobile meets rigorous international criteria.

In collaboration with global car producers and strength organizations, Tafel’s New power technology has been capable of installing its 21700 cells in several settings, thereby validating the flexibility and reliability of its merchandise. The organization’s dedication to innovation and consumer delight keeps it a frontrunner in the aggressive NMC 21700 battery cellular marketplace.

Assessing the Impact of Pulead Technology Industry Co.

Pulead era industry Co. It is one of the top 10 NMC 21700 battery mobile producers in China, and its contribution to the development of battery generation is giant. As a critical participant in the enterprise, Pulead has advanced innovative solutions that address each electricity density and safety issue, which are crucial factors of cutting-edge battery programs.

Pulead’s impact is exceptionally terrific in its approach to optimizing the electrochemical overall performance of NMC (nickel manganese cobalt) batteries. Their cutting-edge developments have shown promising consequences in improving the lifecycle and stability of 21700 cells, which are essential for programs ranging from electric motors to renewable energy garage structures.

Key specs of Pulead NMC 21700 Battery Cells
Specification information
electricity Density 250 Wh/kg
Cycle existence 2000 cycles @ eighty% DOD
fee price 1C trendy
Discharge price 2C most

The organization’s strategic focus on studies and development has facilitated the emergence of superior cathode materials that improve the thermal control and price performance of NMC 21700 cells. Those advancements no longer expand the practical usability of the batteries but also enhance their protection profiles, an area of a specific subject in high-call for applications.

Regarding market effect, Pulead Generation Industry Co. has set up a sturdy presence now, effective within the home market and worldwide territories. Their aggressive expansion approach and collaboration with international automotive manufacturers underline their commitment to being at the forefront of the NMC 21700 battery era wave.

Collaborative ventures, in particular in the electric-powered car zone, have enabled Pulead to tailor their NMC 21700 cells for specific packages, optimizing overall performance parameters to fulfill the rigorous needs of the enterprise. This purchaser-centric method has substantially superior their market penetration and emblem popularity globally.

Comparison of NMC 21700 Battery Technologies Among Top Manufacturers

The NMC 21700 battery cellular, a cylindrical lithium-ion battery layout, is a focus of innovation and competition among China’s leading battery manufacturers. Each manufacturer has advanced distinct capabilities that cater to various demands of strength density, cycle lifestyles, and protection performance. This section offers a detailed assessment of the evolution of the NMC 21700 battery technology using the top producers indexed in the article.

Modern-day Amperex era Co. Restricted (CATL) and BYD Battery Co. Ltd are frontrunners in this technology. CATL specializes in answers to excessive power density, catering to electric motors and massive-scale energy garage systems. CATL’s NMC 21700 cells are renowned for their long cycle existence and stability, specifically in speedy-charging scenarios. BYD, again, emphasizes protection and fee-effectiveness, integrating their batteries with proprietary hearth-resistant chemistries and superior thermal management structures.

China Aviation Lithium Battery (CALB) and Keheng. Additionally, it presents competitive services. CALB’s NMC 21700 cells are designed with a unique electrode composition that complements their load abilties and extends their operational lifespan. Keheng prioritizes customization options, permitting customers to tailor battery specs at once to the unique needs of their applications.

EVE power and BAK Battery Co., Ltd. Cognizance on scalability and flexibility. EVE power’s NMC 21700 cells boast excessive scalability, making them appropriate for various packages, from transportable electronics to electric-powered motors. BAK Battery highlights versatility with its sturdy battery overall performance below various climatic situations, ensuring reliability and consistency.

Furthermore, inside the assessment, Guoxuan HighTech Co. Ltd and SVOLT strength generation show improvements in improving rate costs and decreasing degradation over time. Guoxuan’s batteries are especially noted for their more advantageous price retention capacities, making them perfect for stationary garage applications requiring lengthy battery usage. SVOLT has developed a proprietary cobalt-loose NMC 21700 cell, which reduces the environmental effect while maintaining high-performance metrics.

Tafel New Power Era and Pulead Technology Industry Co. Have made significant strides in addressing the sustainability issue of NMC 21700 batteries. Tafel’s merchandise is outstanding because of its lower environmental footprint, using more excellent, sustainable uncooked materials and manufacturing procedures. Pulead specializes in fee-effective manufacturing strategies that do not compromise fine or performance, making their batteries a famous choice for finance-aware sectors.

In summary, whilst all these manufacturers attempt excellence in their NMC 21700 battery cell technologies, their procedures and focal factors differ markedly.

NMC 21700 vs 18650

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Capacity Comparison: NMC 21700 vs 18650

when comparing the capability of NMC 21700 and 18650 battery cells, it is crucial not to forget the energy garage competencies of every. The potential of a battery cell is usually measured in milliampere-hours (mAh), and the rate at which the battery can be preserved is suggested. Permits delve into the capability differences between NMC 21700 and 18650 cells:

Battery type Ability (mAh)
NMC 21700 3500 – 5000 mAh
NMC 18650 1500 – 3500 mAh

The statistics indicate that NMC 21700 cells have a higher potential variety than 18650 cells. This means that NMC 21700 batteries can keep more energy and provide longer-lasting energy, making them best for applications that require excessive strength density and prolonged runtime.

However, it’s critical to be aware that the actual potential of a battery cell can vary based totally on elements, including the manufacturer, mobile chemistry, and running situations. Consequently, it’s vital to consider these variables when choosing the correct battery for a specific application.

Size and Weight Differences Between NMC 21700 and 18650

Benefits of the NMC 21700 in phrases of size and weight:

  • the larger size lets in for better capacity and strength density.
  • Multiplied electricity storage capacity can cause longer run times for gadgets.
  • more weight may additionally provide balance in specific packages.

Dangers of the NMC 21700 in terms of length and weight:

  • the bigger size may not be suitable for devices with space constraints.
  • Heavier weight may impact portability in cheerful packages.

Energy Density Analysis: NMC 21700 vs 18650

Battery kind Electricity Density (Wh/L) Electricity Density (Wh/kg)
NMC 21700 700 250
NMC 18650 650 200

Life Cycle Comparison of NMC 21700 and 18650 Cells

NMC 21700 batteries typically exist for longer cycles than 18650 batteries. This is due to the advanced materials and design of NMC 21700 batteries, which allow them to withstand more cycles without significant degradation. In addition, the stability and durability of NMC 21700 batteries have been improved, making them a reliable choice for programs that require frequent charging and discharging.

Charging Speed and Efficiency: NMC 21700 vs 18650

Regarding charging pace and efficiency, the NMC 21700 battery cell gives numerous benefits over the 18650 battery. Right here are some key factors to don’t forget:

Element NMC 21700 NMC 18650
Charging speed Quicker charging due to more considerable potential and advanced chemical composition. Slower charging compared to NMC 21700.
Efficiency Better performance in terms of strength switch and retention. Lower efficiency in comparison to NMC 21700.
Warmness era Much less heat is generated when charging central to higher thermal control. More fantastic warmness is generated, which may affect average battery performance.



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