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Keheng’s Tramcar Lithium Battery Manufacturer provides sustainable lithium battery packs for rapidly emerging environmentally friendly public transportation.

Advantages Of Lithium Batteries In Tramcar

As cities strive for cleaner and more efficient public transportation, lithium batteries have emerged as the preferred energy solution for tramcar applications. Their exceptional performance, long lifespan, and environmental benefits make them the ideal choice for powering modern tramcar systems.

High energy density
lithium batteries have a higher energy density than lead-acid batteries in the same volume.
Lightweight and space-saving
The reduced weight also enhances the tram's acceleration, braking and hill-climbing abilities.
Environmentally sustainable
Lithium as a new energy source does not have harmful emissions during its use.
Changing the aesthetics of the city

Changing the aesthetics of the city

The tramcar uses a lithium-ion battery that removes complex wires and can traverse a variety of complex environments!

We are solving the world's energy challenges!

keheng is a tramcar battery manufacturer and sells lithium battery packs for city subways and public transportation. Our lithium batteries can be used in all types of environments and if you need customization options then you can get battery box customization, capacity, voltage special features customization, and more at keheng.

Material customization
Our professional team provides you with battery box material, cell, and size customization.
Parameter Customization
You can choose different voltage, capacity, discharge efficiency and other parameters to meet your tram.
Special function customization
The battery is equipped with BMS while you can customize heating, Bluetooth, series-parallel connection and other functions.

Embrace the Future of Sustainable Transportation with keheng's Tramcar Lithium Battery Solutions

At keheng, we are dedicated to providing innovative and eco-friendly energy solutions for the transportation industry. Our tramcar lithium battery systems are designed to empower cities with clean, efficient, and reliable public transportation.
Contact us today to learn more about our tramcar lithium battery solutions.

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