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Trolling Motor Battery Manufacturer In China

We are a trolling motor battery manufacturer and are also dedicated to propulsion, outboards, and fish finders to provide innovative solutions to make your sailing experience unparalleled.

Trolling Motor Lithium Battery Manufacturer

Keheng's trolling motor batteries are customized with different materials such as LFP/ NMC/ LTO to make them robust and durable. Keheng also provides group size 24, 27, 29, 31 design for customers to match with the motor.

Different Ways To Mount Trolling Motor Batteries

High battery voltage, small size and light weight are ideal for trolling motors!

Why Choose Lithium Battery As Trolling Boat Motor?

Choosing lithium batteries for trolling boat motors can safely and reliably increase efficiency for the motor Here's why you should choose lithium batteries!
Life Cycle
The lithium battery can be recycled up to 5,000 times for a long and economical life.
Storage Capacity
Keheng's lithium batteries provide long-lasting power for trolling motor batteries.
Active Protection
BMS protection board to avoid overcharging and discharging affecting battery life.
Operating Temperature
The battery can be used at temperatures from -20° to 50° and is not affected by low temperatures.

The Keheng To Trolling Motor Battery Enhances Your Entertainment Experience!

As a trolling motor battery manufacturer, keheng offers trolling motor manufacturers a wide range of customized options that are guaranteed to match your machine and meet a variety of requirements!
The Keheng To Trolling Motor Battery Enhances Your Entertainment Experience!
Voltage Customization
Keheng provides different voltage designs such as 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72 for different usage.
Capacity Customization
Capacity determines the usage time, we support 50ah, 100ah, 200ah, 300ah capacity customization.
Group Size Customization
Group 24, 27, 29, 31, 35, 51, 65, 78 and other size customization.
Battery Box Customization
No matter you need battery case made of iron, stainless steel, plastic material, Keheng is able to provide solutions for your ideas.
Shape Customization
You can customize the irregular shape of battery according to the space of trolling motor, triangle, diamond and other irregular status quo.
Function Customization
Keheng provides BMS, bluetooth, series-parallel connection, heating and other functions for customers.

Make Your Customization Easy

Make your customization easy The keheng simplifies the process of making your trolling motor battery more convenient, while keeping it beautiful!
Initial Consultation
Initial Consultation
Our team will work with you to discuss your goals, preferences to respond to specific directions.
Needs Analysis
Needs Analysis
Understanding your needs will be combined with practical solutions.
Design And Prototyping
Design And Prototyping
Prototyping based on requirements ensures that the product matches the usage scenario.
Initial Feedback
Initial Feedback
Based on your comments and then adjustments are made to ensure that it meets your needs.
Final Approval And Production
Final Approval And Production
After the design is approved, state-of-the-art production processes are used to achieve the highest quality standards.
Delivery And After-sales Support
Delivery And After-sales Support
Full after-sales support is provided to address any queries or needs after delivery.
Elevate Your Fishing Game

Elevate Your Fishing Game

Unleash your fishing potential to the fullest with our top-of-the-line batteries designed specifically for trolling motors. Contact us today to learn how our batteries can transform your fishing adventure!
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