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Why choose lithium battery for UPS?

Looking for UPS solutions? keheng is the ideal one-stop solution provider for lithium UPS batteries.

Keheng as a UPS lithium battery manufacturer provides high-quality lithium iron phosphate batteries to optimize your power infrastructure. Using lithium-ion batteries allows for better service life and fast charging, ensuring that there is no need for marketing backup. Such lithium batteries can provide uninterruptible power for server rooms, wiring closets, cameras, smart controllers, and other applications.

Why choose lithium battery for UPS
Lithium-ion batteries provide exceptional life for UPS

Lithium-ion batteries provide exceptional life for UPS.

Lithium-ion batteries provide a solution for long UPS operations in the same size and specification. Of course, when choosing a lithium battery, you can not only consider the running time, but also the life and safety need to be considered!

  • Service life: with more than 10 years of use
  • Safety: Made of NMC, LTO, and LFP cells.
  • Energy Density: 3 times the energy density of lead-acid batteries.
Customization 12v lithium ion battery for ups
Our 12-volt lithium-ion battery for UPS systems is customized to meet unique operational requirements. It is ideal for uninterruptible power supply systems to maintain power during power outages.
OEM ODM lithium ion battery ups suppliers
As a leading OEM/ODM supplier, Keheng's lithium-ion batteries for uninterruptible power supply systems combine performance, energy efficiency, and products that meet your brand specifications.
Wholesale lithium iron phosphate battery ups
Wholesale Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries for UPS systems are the solution for businesses looking for a safe power source to ensure reliable power for their UPS systems.

Advantages of Li-Ion Batteries as UPS Power Supplies. (7)

Keheng takes all the worry out of it.

Customized Li-Ion UPS solutions
Whether your project requires a specific size, capacity or power output, Keheng's customization services can meet your unique requirements.
Quality Assurance
Strict testing and quality control procedures are adhered to. This ensures that each battery meets high standards of performance and reliability.
Sustainable Practices
The use of environmentally friendly materials and manufacturing processes also meets the growing demand for green and sustainable energy solutions.
Comprehensive customer support
Excellent customer service from consultation to after-sales support, providing guidance and resolving any issues in a timely manner.
Compatible with all major brands
Our UPS batteries are compatible with major brands such as Mitsubishi and Samsung as well.
Competitive Pricing
Provides excellent value to ensure you get a quality battery solution without compromising your budget.
UPS lithium battery Manufacturer

The Definitive Guide to UPS Power

Does USP refer to lithium batteries?

UPS is an uninterruptible power supply, UPS commonly used batteries are lead-acid maintenance-free batteries and lithium iron phosphate batteries.

Working Principle of UPS

Working Principle of UPS

UPS power supply is mainly composed of energy storage, rectification, conversion, and control switches. UPS power supply can process the voltage, stabilize the voltage after providing it to the load for use, and simultaneously power supply to the battery to supplement to ensure the battery’s electrical energy. If a failure occurs, the UPS can transform the battery voltage to 220V safety voltage, and continuous power supply operation, to ensure the normal operation of the load, to protect the load software equipment safety, so that it is not subject to the hazards of power failures. UPS power supply ACDC conversion, the AC power in the grid through the autotransformer to step down the voltage processing, so that it is in a safe range, and its full-wave rectifier, filtered into DC. The ACDC starts with a soft-start circuit, which can effectively protect the circuit. The DCAC inverter circuit utilizes a high-power IGBT mode full-bridge inverter circuit, which is characterized by a large power margin, and can make the output resistance smaller and more responsive when outputting in the dynamic range. Utilizing fast short circuit protection technology and high-frequency modulation current limiting technology, the inverter can still operate safely under the condition of load impact and constant change of supply voltage. The core of the whole machine function control is the control drive, which can protect, detect, supervise, and realize the drive signal of the power supply system, and can realize the SPWM sine pulse width modulation control. The dynamic dual voltage feedback and static feedback can effectively improve the dynamic stability of the inverter, as well as static stability.

Lithium UPS vs Lead Acid UPS

Operating temperature range: lithium-ion battery operating temperature range of -20-60 ℃, do not air-conditioning, reduce equipment installation costs, maintenance costs, and electricity costs. And lead-acid battery operating temperature range of 15-35 ℃.
Environmental protection: lithium-ion batteries do not contain any heavy metal elements that are harmful to the human body. Lead-acid batteries contain lead, antimony, and other heavy metals, if they are discarded in the field, it is easy to cause serious pollution to the environment. Leakage is easy to occurs in the process of use and maintenance when the internal sulfuric acid spillage is easy to cause equipment corrosion and personnel injury.
Discharge Characteristics: Regarding the same fully charged lithium-ion battery and lead-acid battery, at the same temperature, using different multiples of discharge current, the lithium-ion battery’s discharge output characteristics are very stable, while the lead-acid battery’s discharge output characteristics are very different, which will cause power instability.

Is UPS suitable for lithium batteries?

Lead-acid batteries UPS storage battery time compared to lithium batteries is much longer, in the level of technology is far more stable than lithium batteries, but stable also means that lead-acid batteries in this aspect of the UPS, there will be no big breakthroughs. Its capacity, and its constituent materials, have been determined, there is no room for progress. But this degree is far from being able to meet the present and future user needs, the capacity is too small, the material is dangerous, the power supply time is short, occupies a large space, etc., all these problems in the lead-acid batteries can not be solved here.
Lithium batteries as a whole have been greatly developed and applied to UPS lithium batteries in the volume, weight, and capacity compared to lead-acid batteries have greater advantages. So UPS is suitable for lithium batteries.

UPS for lithium battery advantages?

UPS for lithium battery has the advantages of lithium itself, it brings a sharp reduction in the footprint, the second is battery can charge and discharge many times, three is also a synergistic mode of power supply, four is the lithium life cycle is longer, and Keheng’s program to make the perfect combination of ups and lithium batteries, so that the ups to achieve the optimal state of work, it is very worthwhile for us to choose.

How many ways are there to place a lithium battery UPS power supply?

Tower type
Tower UPS is like an ordinary computer, is standing, and the height is generally 10U (U is the height unit of the server, about equal to 4.5cm), this kind of UPS power supply occupies a small space, can be placed casually, without the need for special cabinets, almost all the home UPS uninterruptible power supply are tower type.
Tower-type UPS is characterized by the realization of online double conversion, individually placed, floor-to-ceiling installation, there are also requirements on space. In most cases, rack-mounted UPSs can also be tower-mounted, but tower-mounted UPSs can’t necessarily be rack-mounted because there may be no way to mount rails on a tower-mounted UPS.

Rack-mounted lithium battery UPS uninterruptible power supplies are the opposite of tower-mounted, being horizontal, with wider dimensions, and are generally placed directly in the corresponding cabinet. This cabinet, which generally contains servers and the like, plus a UPS battery pack, makes for a large operational cabinet.
Rackmounts can be installed inside standard 19-inch server cabinets, which are secured by rails inside standard network cabinets. The lithium battery UPS is either 1U or 2U in height, with the 2U being approximately 9CM in height, and must be placed in a server cabinet. Rack lithium battery UPS uninterruptible power supply, almost always used in corporate environments, modern server rooms are rack servers.
Lithium motor rack potential UPS power supply is characterized by small size, large capacity, high efficiency, and occupies little space. Rack-mounted UPS is widely used in communication, electric power, public security, firefighting, broadcasting, finance, military, Internet, and other industries.

Like a block, a block is set to point to a surface, spliced and combined, and then installed in the corresponding position. Modular UPS power supply adopts a modular structure, which can be easily installed and expanded, one only needs to increase the module. The advantages of lithium modular UPS power supply are as follows:
Investment effectiveness: expand capacity as needed, saving initial investment.
Easy maintenance: online hot-swap, maintenance is simple and fast, no need to turn to bypass.
Energy saving and environmental protection: small pollution to the power grid, high efficiency and module dormancy, and other technologies to reduce energy waste.

What are the connections between the lithium battery and the UPS?

The positive and negative terminals of the lithium battery and the positive and negative terminals of the battery input port of the UPS are connected, and must not be connected incorrectly.
The BMS communication port of the lithium battery is connected to the communication port of the UPS. But some ups may not have this interface, to confirm the ups in advance.

Lithium battery UPS power supply also divided into online and backup types?

Switching time in case of power outage: The backup type needs 4-8 milliseconds to switch, online type 0 milliseconds to switch.
The waveform of the output current: backup analog sine wave, power supply quality is general, need to use a compensated multimeter can be measured accurately; online is pure sine wave, power supply quality is high, ordinary multimeter can be measured.
Power factor of UPS power supply: backup type is generally 0.6 or 0.7, online type is generally 0.8-0.9.
Budget cost: the price of the backup type is lower, and the price of the online type is slightly higher.
Applicable situation: The backup type is suitable for common loads, online type is suitable for important and precise loads.
Output voltage range: backup UPS output voltage stabilized within a certain range, online UPS output voltage stabilization effect is more accurate.

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