Hearing Aid Battery

Wholesale Hearing Aid Battery to Help Your Business Grow

Keheng Manufacturers Customizes Hearing Aid Lithium Battery Packs in Sizes 10, 13, 312, 675.

Custom sizes 10, 13, 312, 675 Hearing aid battery packs

Our point battery packs for hearing aid and cochlear implant brands include Duracell, Energizer, iCellTech, NEXcell, Panasonic, Power One, Rayovac, Renata, Sony, Toshiba, ZeniPower, and more. If you are smashing to find hearing aid lithium battery manufacturer keneng is your trusted partner!

Hearing Aid Battery Application Scenarios

Our hearing aid batteries are used in a variety of applications, from medical facilities and hearing clinics to specialty retailers of hearing aids and accessories.

Hearing aid batteries - for future benefits

Wholesale hearing aid batteries from Keheng provide patients or seniors with the convenience of enjoying a world full of sound!
Support for small orders
If your business is in the process of formation, keheng takes the risk with you.
Customized Service
Keheng offers customized packaging, logo customization and other customization.
R&D Team
Ensure to keep pace with the development of lithium batteries and provide you with industry trends at all times.
After-sales team
Our 7*24 professional after-sales team is at your service.

Unrivaled Excellence: Key Advantages of Our Hearing Aid Batteries

Key Advantages of Our Hearing Aid Batteries
Wide Range of Sizes
Versatility in Power: Offering sizes 10, 312, 13, and 675, each tailored for optimal performance in various hearing aid models.
Mercury-Free Composition
Eco-Friendly and Safe: Our mercury-free batteries prioritize user safety and environmental responsibility.
Air-Activated Technology
Innovative Activation: Utilizing air-activated technology for enhanced efficiency and reliability in power delivery.
Extended Shelf-Life
Long-Lasting Quality: A shelf-life of up to three years, ensuring our batteries are ready when needed.
Consistent Power Output
Reliable Energy: Committed to providing steady and dependable power for uninterrupted hearing aid performance.
Market Distinction
Standing Out in the Market: Our commitment to quality and innovation makes our hearing aid batteries a preferred choice for consumers and businesses alike.

Wholesale Cochlear Implant Batteries customization process!

Initial Consultation
Initial Consultation
We begin by discussing your specific requirements for cochlear implant batteries, including size, capacity, and quantity.
Battery Size Selection
Battery Size Selection
Choose from various sizes to ensure the batteries perfectly match the specific cochlear implant models you cater to.
Custom Capacity Design
Custom Capacity Design
Tailor the battery capacity to provide extended usage time, enhancing user experience and convenience.
Safety Features Integration
Safety Features Integration
Incorporate essential safety features, including overcharge protection and stable discharge rates, for user security.
Feedback and Adjustments
Feedback and Adjustments
Refinement: Gather your feedback on the prototype and make necessary adjustments to align with your exact needs.
Final Production and Delivery
Final Production and Delivery
We ensure delivery of your customized cochlear implant battery within 30-35 days.
Learn more about hearing aid batteries

Learn more about hearing aid batteries!

Contact us now, there are professional designers according to your needs for program development and market analysis report presented to you!
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