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Keheng as a leading lithium cylindrical battery cell manufacturer since 2008, specializing in B2B business. Providing the most competitive price and quality to battery assembly factory.


  • Real Cylindrical Battery Cells Factory In China
  • Real Cylindrical Battery Cells Factory In China

Real Cylindrical Battery Cells Factory In China

keheng, your trusted lithium cylindrical battery cell manufacturer, which factory locate in the middle of China, Anhui, Covering 60,000㎡. We have 8 production line for lithium battery cells, with an annual capacity of 3GWH.

Our daily output battery cells is 10K, which widely used in electric low-speed vehicles, power tools, solar street light, medicals, portable power stations etc.

We are committed to building competitive lithium cylindrical battery cells industry chain.

Different Size of Keheng Cylindrical Battery Cell

We have a wide range of battery cells for your choice whatever for 18650 battery cells, 26650 battery cells, 21700 battery cells, 32650 battery cells, 60160 LTO clles,or other shaped Batteries.

18650 lithium battery cell

Keheng mainly offer NMC 18650 battery cells from 1200mah to 3500mah, our star battery cells are 18650 2500mah/2600mah 3C, which is Top 1 hot sell battery cell in China, and below 1‰ damage rate.

26650 lithium battery cell

26550 refers to cylindrical battery cells with 65 mm length and 26 mm diameter. Usually, compare with 18650 battery cells, 26650 has higher capacity with same lithium battery material.

32650 lithium battery cell

32650 lithium iron phosphate battery common used in solar street light in the past 5 years, because of the high cost-efficiency and flexible size, usually connect in 4 series or 8 series to reach 12.8v or 25.6v lithium battery.

60180 lithium battery cell
60180 Lifepo4 battery cell

Keheng 60180 cylindrical battery cell with capacity above 40ah, 2C discharge rate, which export to Southern Asia, Southern America, Europe,which is the premier battery solutions if there’re enough space for the battery pack.

46160 lithium battery cell
46160 Lifepo4 battery cell

This battery is rare lifepo4 battery cells but with 5C high discharge rate, while the price is almost same as the normal lifepo4 battery. So if you have new power battery projects, why not try this one. Remember the size is 40160.

Other Shaped battery cell
Other Shaped battery cell

For Keheng, we also have other shaped cylindrical battery cells except the above classic size cylindrical cells, such as 14500, 18350, 16650 battery,which offer more options for your battery projects.

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What Makes Us Go Extra Mile

Full industry chain experience

With 15 years’ in lithium cylindrical battery cells, we know better about the battery industry chain and put ourselves in our customers’ shoes,to offer them the validity market indo and optimize the battery solution for them.

Full Qualified Certification
Full Qualified Certification

Lithium battery belong the UN3480 goods, luckily we have the completer certification both transportation and country regulations, such as MSDS,UN38.3, CE, IEC62133, UL, BIS, KC,PSE etc.No worry about the certification cost anymore.

Fast Delivery Time
Fast Delivery Time

Keheng ship out cylindrical battery cells every day, but we always maintain a safety stock. We have 10 warehouses in domestic China,we can delivery your order within 3-5 workdays.No matter where is your forwarder agent in China.

Affordable Price
Affordable Price

It’s important to work with the direct factory, while many customers cannot find a real lithium battery cylindrical battery cells factory just by Alibaba. Come here and talk with us, may we can help to save your cost up to 30%.

Quality Is The First

How we control the cylindrical battery cells quality? Especially for NMC battery which with high density and low stability.

For Keheng, we will do the aging test, and vibration test, and then sorting test to check we find all problem before the battery leaving factory.


Things Only Insiders Know

What factors influence the lifespan of the 18650 lithium rechargeable battery pack?

Consistency! High consistency! What I say not only means that the difference of voltage, IR, capacity in the same when they shipped, some batteries have bigger and bigger difference with more cycles and longer time.That’s the point.

Free samples For Your Test

If you’re interested in our cylindrical battery cells, you can leave your email, we can send you 4pcs samples free samples for quality testing. You can do the cycle test, and always keep testing the battery cells for every order you play, We have 100% for our product with unchanging quality.

Free samples For Your Test

Variety Battery Project Case Uses the Cylindrical Battery Cell

Marine battery with 60180 battery
Marine battery with 60180 battery

High discharge rate and IP67 waterproof are very important for marine lithium batteries, and it’s nice with a competitive price but high quality, in this way, 60180 cylindrical lithium batteries are undoubtedly your best choice!

Electric scooter battery with 18650 battery
Electric scooter battery with 18650 battery

18650 cylindrical battery cells are very famous in the electric power project because of high rate discharge current and flexible size, such as electric bike, e-scooters, and e-motorcycle, electric tricycle even in the racing cars.

Golf cart battery with 26650 battery
Golf cart battery with 26650 battery

Cylindrical lithium battery cells have better high rate discharge performance compared to prismatic cells, Keheng uses 26650 lifepo4 batteries to customize lithium battery packs for golf carts, no need to worry about any hill climbing anymore.

Solar street light battery with 32650 battery
Solar street light battery with 32650 battery

Lithium battery pack of solar street light requires long lifespan, stability, small size, 32650 3.2v lfp cylindrical battery cells have 2000-4000 cycles, and stable performance due to Lithium Iron Manganese Phosphate chemistry.

The Secrect of lithium battery cell industry
The Secrect of lithium battery cell industry

If you need help finding the right solution for your power supply needs, we are ready to help you.
We’ll provide you with the top 10 cost saving tips!

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Frequently asked questions about cylindrical lithium-ion batteries, you can find the answers below.

What are the types of lithium cylindrical cells?

Cylindrical lithium battery cell, named by the cylindrical casing. There are lithium iron phosphate cylindrical cells, lithium ternary cylindrical batteries, titanate cylindrical lithium battery cells.

How do we find the cylindrical lithium battery cells factory in China?

1st,you can search through Alibaba;

2nd,you can search at;

3rd,you can go to the lithium battery related energy exhibitions to get more information.

Can we visit your lithium battery cell factory in China?

Sure, contact with us, if you come to China, we will arrange a unforgettable visit for you.We will take you to see how do you produce the lithium battery cells and how we control the quality of cylindrical cells.

What pros and cons of cylindrical cell have compare to prismatic cell and pouch cell?

Pros: Cylindrical lithium cells were first industrialized, compared to the other two types of lithium cells, more mature the technology; are more resistant to internal pressure changes; better heat dissipation performance, high safety.

Cons: the BMS technology requirements of cylindrical cells are usually higher; due to the increase in the number of cells, the amount of structural parts needs to be increased, and the efficiency of battery grouping is low.

Did the price keep same all the time?

No, the price changes with the cost changing of the lithium cathode and anode. At 2023, the cost of battery material is the bottom price now according to our experience, so if you have any needs, contact with our engineers now!

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